Best Keratin Treatment Reviews 2020 [You Can Do It At Home]


You want the best keratin treatment at home for your dull and damaged hair, and I can assure you, you are in the right place. Several types of heating styles like flat ironing, blow drying, color treating, bleaching, and so many other things damage our hair. Damaged hair means your hair lost its main ingredients – ‘the keratin’. To revive your hair once again, it is a must.

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3 Best Keratin Treatment Compared

It’s true there are lots of professional products on the market. You will be really confused seeing how many brands are claiming to give the most suited keratin hair treatment. But only a few have proven themselves as highly effective. The following brief comparison table will help you pick the right one.

Top 10 Keratin Hair Treatment Reviews

Now that you have a brief comparison among the most popular 3 options, it’s time to go for the detail discussion. In addition to the above 3, I have added more than 7  feedback. They are most popular among ladies across the U.S.A. All the feedback is prepared based on their feedback.

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

best keratin treatment
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If you think you can’t have smooth, shiny, and soft hair because your hair is dead, think again! With this Brazilian keratin hair treatment, already more than thousands of women have changed their experience. Let’s start with this one because this is the most popular and recommended by experienced women.

If you have a bad experience trying the so-called high-quality salon keratin treatment which had made your scalp itchy and there were so much split ends, you gotta try this. Your bad experience will change and you will fall in love with it just after the first time use.

No matter what hair type you have or how dead is your hair, try this out to bring life to your hair. Women with thick/coarse wavy hair have found this one super effective as a great keratin hair treatment.

Without elasticity in the hair, you can’t have any style of your dream. Only a good protein treatment can give your hair back that much-desired elasticity. Only then you can straighten or curl or have any style you want. Well, it has already proved to work to fulfill your dream.

FYI: To get the top-desired result, you need to follow the instructions. In addition to the keratin serum, you must have a flat iron, blow dryer, apply shampoo, etc. Make sure your straightening iron reaches 450F. Anything fewer heat settings won’t give you the desired result.

How To Apply It?

I strongly recommend you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply this one. However, in summary, the process is as follows:

  1. Wash your hair using natural shampoo (silicone free) and wait to dry it completely.
  2. Apply the keratin serum all over your head as instructed in the manual and wait for 1 hour to dry it out.
  3. After the serum is completely dried, use the blow dryer or flat iron to straighten it. And you should fall in love with the result! The before and after results will be huge!

Features & Pros

  • Among all the top-rated options, this is widely recommended by hairdressers.
  • Keratin Research uses the intense conditioning remedy made from coconut and argan oil, amino acid complex and protein itself. The end result is the instant start of repairing your hair and adding strength and smoothness to your hair.
  • One bottle is enough and the result will last for at least 4 to 6 months.  
  • Get someone else to apply it for you. You can’t do it yourself. Read the manufacturer’s instructions very clearly. If you can follow the instructions 100%, you will get the best result.
  • The result may vary based on your hair type, your skill to apply it, and other instruments like flatiron and blow dryer.
  • A countless number of happy women consider it as a high-quality product available out there!


  • Contains formaldehyde like any keratin serum. You can’t find any good quality option without formaldehyde. Make sure you apply it in a well-ventilated area.

Complex Brazilian Keratin Blowout Hair Treatment

complex brazilian keratin treatment
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Day by day after several flat ironing, blow-drying, etc damage our hair slowly. Our hair loses the much-needed keratin. Your hair needs its life back and you can give it using a proper one.

My second keratin hair treatment feedback is also about another Brazilian solution developed by Keratin Research. It’s also very popular has really high appreciation and recommendation from women with experiences of using it.

Woman with disorganized curly hair, thin hair, or coarse hair have found the much-desired result after using it properly. Notice, I am giving importance to using the treatment the right way. Doing it wrong won’t make your hair any better.

Using the treatment makes your hair smooth, helps to straighten, helps to repairs your damaged hair and conditions as well. Applying it the right way as recommended in the manufacturer’s instruction give your hairs the life back which you have lost long ago.

How To Use The Treatment The Right Way?

First, you need to believe keratin hair treatment at home is a common reality now. Then, follow the instructions carefully. I know it’s lengthy and pretty much irritating. But read it carefully anyway! To apply the treatment, you need another person who will do it for you. Here’s a shortcut version of the process:

  • Start by washing your hair using a clarifying shampoo. Using a wide-tooth comb, carefully comb it and let it air dry. Wait for at least a few hours.
  • Now apply the treatment using a dye brush carefully all over your head.
  • Use a blow dryer to dry it completely. When you are sure your hair is completely dried, use a flat iron it the way you like.
  • Don’t forget to use the conditioner as well.

More Features & Pros

  • Available in 8 sizes with multiple offers. Check carefully which suits you most.
  • Works for all kinds of hair including African American hair.
  • Each 120ml bottle is more than enough to have 3 to 4 times of hair protein treatment.
  • You can use it on your colored hair as well. No damage will happen to your hair.
  • You don’t have to wait 3 to 4 days to wash it off.
  • You must use the flat iron to have the top result at 450F.
  • The excellent result stays for up to 3 to 4 months.
  • If you have very long thick hair, use multiple bottles.
  • Does not change the original color of hair even if you are a blonde.
  • You can use it immediately ever after bleaching your hair.
  • Have henna hair? Even more perfect for you!


Even though it is another great keratin hair treatment, it has some cons as well.

  • Ingredients contain formaldehyde, use with precautions. If it comes in contact with the eye, use only clean water to wash it off. Consult your doctor if you have a prior respiratory problem.
  • The smell of the formaldehyde while flat ironing is overwhelming.

Keratin Reconstructor From ApHogee

aphogee intensive keratin reconstructor

In a strict sense, this is not a keratin hair treatment reviews, rather I would call this more like a deep conditioner treatment for dyed hair that really works! As the name suggests, its the keratin reconstructor that give life back to your hair.

Not only that, it adds body to your hair as well. The antioxidant protects your hair and overall your hair is protected against breakage and split ends.

Apart from the Keratin Research, ApHogee is another top-rated brand trusted by more than thousands of women with damaged hair. Several women with coarse frizzy hair have declared this as the godsend product.

If you have frizzy hair and you are living in a humid and hot area, you know the condition of your hair. It’s dead! You need to revive your hair. The keratin reconstructor offers you that without costing you much.

We often color our hair, go to the hairdresser to for flat iron, curling, and to have several other styles. All that lead to hair damage day by day. And ultimately your hair lost the much-needed keratin. ApHogee’s keratin reconstructor gives back that much-needed keratin.

If several so-called keratin hair treatment, Brazilian blowout, and other treatments failed to solve the problem, try this reconstructor. Many women have found the ultimate solution when every other measure failed.

You are welcome to give this keratin reconstructor a try for a healthy hair with smoother styles that your friends will envy for sure.

Important Tips: Don’t overuse this. Once you see the improved hair, stop using this. Usually, you should use it 3 to 5 times. Don’t keep it on your hair for too long, it may break your hair badly. Rinse out after 2 minutes! Stick to the instructions!

Also, it works perfect with heat. So here’s what you should do. Massage your hair with the keratin reconstructor and do a blow dry using your hairdryer. Don’t overheat though. Then rinse out your hair. Now watch the video on how to use this ApHogee.

More Features & Pros

  • Available in 3 sizes.
  • You don’t need any moisturizing conditioner to use with it. It ’s itself some kind of deep conditioner. It will work just fine if you follow the instructions carefully. However, depending on your hair type, if the keratin reconstructor leaves your hair hard, you can use the deep conditioner.
  • Works great on dyed hair. You will notice improved moisture on your hair.
  • Have mushy bleached hair? This is the ultimate solution you are looking for.
  • Don’t overuse it like daily, you can use it once in every week though.
  • After using this, you can straighten or curl your hair just like the way you love.


  • Sometimes it may leave your hair dry like straw. It’s a very very rare instance. However, if that happens, use any deep conditioner.
  • Very few women with color-treated hair did not find the expected result.

L’ANZA Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment

lanza keratin healing treatment
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When you have lost the keratin of your hair due to a repeated flat iron, blow-drying, and other color treatment, L’ANZA’s keratin healing oil treatment will restore it for you. Already loved by thousands of women and recommended by hairdressers as the most recommended product for damaged hair.

Hair gets extremely damaged if you do several bleaching. Your hair will suffer from breakage, split ends, and it will be coarse as well. This keratin hair healing treatment will solve the problem for you. It’s already proven! It delivers the exact same result that you expect from the hair salon keratin treatment.

It’s perfect for every type of hair. Several women with various hair types have left feedback saying that it adds moistures to the hair strands and makes hair healthy and smooth. It solves the problem of your frizzing hair as well.

Even if you have thin hair, it will make your hair feels healthy and thick. Smoothing and straightening hair is much easier with this keratin healing treatment. It makes your dull, dry, frizzy hair a lot smoother as you have never imagined.

Some women call a great anti-frizz oil so far at the most affordable cost. If you are disgusted with greasy hair from argan oil, this keratin healing oil will solve the problem for you. It will make your hair more shiny and silky as well.

FYI: The oil is a little bit heavy than other general hair oil. So, it will make your hair feeling heavy temporarily which is pretty normal.

Now watch the official demo and feedback of the LANZA Keratin Healing Oil.

More Features & Pros of L’ANZA

  • Does a fantastic job moisturizing your hair. Makes hair smoother without making it greasy.
  • Already solved the problem of dead and damaged hair for so many women.
  • No more tangled hair as well.
  • This is a hairdresser choice! In fact, you will notice the product at lots of hairdressers’ shop.
  • It smells fine as well!
  • Just wash your hair and towel dry it. Then apply the oil blow dry it. The product itself works as a heat tamer, so you can directly use the flat iron as well to straighten your hair.
  • No slip ends anymore. Say goodbye to frizz as well.
  • Women with fine and fragile hair call it godsend as no other solution could solve their problem.
  • Feeling tired of your unmanageable hair? Try this, your hair will be manageable and you can have your dream hairstyle.
  • Never tested on animals.
  • Lots of high appreciation from experienced women and hairdressers as the most recommended professional solution.

Cons of Pros of L’ANZA

  • Unfortunately, very few women found no improvement after using the oil.
  • Weighs down hair in some rare cases.

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment By Moroccan Keratin

moroccan keratin brazilian hair treatment
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Moroccan argan oil-enriched solution is the perfect combo to rejuvenate your hair. Do you have a lot of wavy hair? With so much of such wavy hair, it literally takes hours to straighten or curl hair.

Try this and literally when you wash your hair after three days, your hair will be straight literally just by using it. Now flat ironing using any brand like FHI flat iron will take only a few minutes!

Women of all hair types have found this stuff highly effective in their hair making super soft and shiny. It makes hair looks healthy and manageable. No more frizz for a very long time. Several women went to the various salon for the keratin treatment, but they were not happy with the results. Using this one made the dream treatment they wanted.

It also reduces the split ends significantly. If you use this as directed, you will notice significantly less hair breakage because it repairs damaged for sure. Only after a single use, you will have your straight hair for a pretty long time.

After types of hairstyling and treatment, naturally, your hair becomes damaged and broken. You need to give your hair the much-needed keratin. And this is the one you should try like so many other ladies around the world. I am pretty sure, you will say buying it was the wise decision you ever made.

More Features & Pros

  • No damage to your scalp. Makes hair color more vivid. But it won’t change the color of your hair. So blonde? Don’t worry about the color of your hair at all.
  • Bleached hair? Damaged? It will fix it for you. Your hair will feel stronger like never before.
  • Very easy direction to follow. You must use the flat iron at 450 F to get the optimal result.
  • If you stick to the direction and use shampoo and conditioner with no sulfate, the result will for several months like 4 to 5 months.
  • Even the African American hair will get a happy result.
  • If you have extremely frizzy hair, you will fall in love with this top-rated keratin hair treatment only after the first use.
  • A lot of women with curly frizzy hair have found excellent results and have recommended for all hair types.


  • Depending on your hair type and using skill, it may not last long enough as claimed by the company.
  • As the side effects, there will be irritating fumes, so apply in a well-ventilated area. Don’t forget, it contains formaldehyde as usual.

Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell Intensive Keratin Treatment
Paul Mitchell

If you have chemically treated hair, using this one will make your hair incredibly soft and shiny. It has already done that for more than thousands of women. Just use it twice a week and see the magic. Your friend will praise your incredibly soft and shiny hair.

Yes, it is a little bit pricey, but you should keep in mind that it is from Paul Mitchell and you are getting the salon-quality keratin hair treatment at home. Among all Paul Mitchell hair products, the Awapuhi wild ginger keratin treat has already won the hearts of women in a very short period of time.

Sometimes, if you have fine hair, not all deep conditioner will work for you. A lot of women used to suffer from the same trouble. Using this one from Paul Mitchell has solved their problem. When every other solution failed, this one worked. It has made their hair more healthy.

You have probably noticed the product in your nearby salon. Yes, it is widely used by the professional hairdressers and now you can do it yourself at home at half of the price!

How to use it?

Paul Mitchell recommends it to use weekly. After you wash your hair, apply a small amount to the damp hair and wait for 3 to 5 minutes. Then rinse it out completely. It is totally safe for color treated and chemically processed hair.

It works because the Awapuhi extract replenishes your hair strand with moisture and shine.

More Features & Pros

  • Hydrates your hair like you have never seen before. It gets to the core of your dry and damaged hair and fixes it from inside out.
  • Completely paraben free and pretty safe for your color.
  • Improves hair textures noticeably.
  • You will love the pleasant scent.
  • Women with fine, thin, brittle, and frizzy hair have recommended this as the best keratin treatment at home to solve these problems.
  • Makes your hair manageable so you can have any hairstyle of your dream within less time.
  • Less hair breakage after only a few times usage.
  • If you have made your hair dry and lifeless doing repeated color treatment and bleaching, try this one. It will make your hair looks healthy again.
  • Like other so-called solutions, it won’t make your hair weighed down or it won’t make your hair feels greasy! Instead, your hair will be silky and shiny.
  • Never been tested on animals.


  • Very few women reported having received the faulty product. Make sure you are getting the right one. If you have any doubt, contact them ASAP.

Keratin Research

Keratin straightening conditioner
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What you normally spend to have a decent one in a professional beauty parlor? I believe not less than $200? Well, what if you can get the same quality keratin hair treatment at home with this one? The cost associated is very low!

Yes, like so many other women, you can also have a professional keratin hair treatment with the complex Brazilian keratin blowout treatment developed by Keratin Research. This product really works! And after using it, you will be ever grateful to Keratin Research for this godsend solution.

After using this, all the hairstyling like straightening your hair or simply blow-drying time will be cut in half. That’s a verified fact revealed by so many users. No matter whether you are living in a rain/humid area or you have a sweating problem, there will be no frizz in your hair!

While blow drying or flat ironing your hair using any professional brand like Infiniti Pro Conair flat iron, after using this hair won’t burn. Also, your hair won’t fall off or there will be no more split ends as well. If you have previous experience of having Brazilian keratin treatment at some point in your life, try this and you will forget going to the professional hairdressers for life.

Proven to loosen the curls considerably and it will make knock out those irritating frizz. It will not make your hair straight, but it will make it a lot easier to make your hair straight using a flat iron. Almost all the women who have used this treatment reviewed that it makes the hair smooth and silky.

Tips: If you have African American textured hair, after applying it, you should wait for the recommended 3 to 4 days and use the 450 F of your flat iron.

More Features & Pros

  • Suitable for any type of hair. If you have curly hair, you can still use it. It won’t make your hair straight. Have natural hair or chemically treated hair? Even better for you.
  • After the first treatment, you can also use the rest of it for future usage.
  • Using this product will make your hair weighed down which is pretty normal. It will go away in a few days.
  • Yes, there will be a little bit of odor. And the fumes and the smoke are not too bad as well.
  • Once you are done apply the treatment, it should last for at least 8 to 16 weeks. Definitely, it depends on how many times you use the shampoo.
  • Do you like to use it on your highlighted hair? Yes, you can do that!


  • Like always and all solutions, it contains formaldehyde as well. So, don’t forget to apply this in an open space or well-ventilated area of your home.
  • Some women can’t stand the smell.

Novex Hair Care

Novex brazilian hair keratin treatment
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Do you have already damaged hair and worried about it? Novex Brazilian keratin deep conditioning mask is ideal for all damaged hair including heat damaged, chemically processed damaged hair, and color-treated damaged hair, and bleached hair as well.

There is no hard and fast rule to use it. Just use as needed or twice a week and you will get back your shiny, healthy, and moisturized hair. Day by day you damage your hair by flat ironing or blow-drying. Novex’s keratin conditioning masks can the solution for you.

The realization of most women after using it that it stops hair from breaking and it really helps the hair to grow. Only just after one use, it will make your hair smooth and pretty and there will be no more tangles! Who does not like soft and silky hair, right?

So, how does it work?

The conditioning mask seals and protects your hair from heat and harsh environmental effects. It lets you have a healthy cuticle and the cuticle is able to avoid any heat damage. Your hair will be no more fragile. You will notice volume and extra shine to your hair.

Already lots of ladies have been using it for a pretty long time and consider this as another high-quality keratin treatment at home. The gigantic bottle contains a lot of it and you can use it for a pretty long time. After only a few usages, you will notice better shine and your hair won’t easily get damaged.

How To Use The Novex Deep Conditioning Mask?

Follow the step by step guide:

  • Rinse your hair after washing it, and then apply the conditioning mask all over your head.
  • Put on a plastic cap on your head and wait for 1 or 2 hours.
  • Then rinse the mask out of your hair and blow dry using any branded blow dryer like Elchim Hair Dryer.
  • Flat iron it and you are done!

More Features & Pros

  • Recommended for your dull and frizzy hair by hair experts and experienced users. If you have color treated hair, still it’s a recommended deep conditioning mask for you.
  • If you love the soft hair, this one is for you. It will completely change the texture of your hair give you soft and shiny hair.
  • Women with naturally curly hair love it because of the extra softness and natural curl they have after using it.
  • Even if you have tiny straight hair, you will be amazed by seeing the very soft hair after using it. Oily hair? Even better!
  • Have African American hair? Still, it’s a pretty good choice for you. It will make your hair moisturized and manageable as you have never seen before.
  • Easy usages just use it as the deep conditioner.


  • Strong smells if you are sensitive to a strong odor.

Gold Label

Gold Label professional Brazilian keratin treatment
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Another perfect Brazilian solution from Keratin Research. If you have type 4a/b/c hair, you know how hard it is to manage the hair, right? Try this one, and it will change your view. Already it has proven to be effective against hair breakage and making hair healthy.

If you have previous experiences of having hair protein treatment, as per many women, protein treatment with this one will change your previous experiences. No more frizzy hair! Just like so many other women, you will also be saying that this treatment surely makes hair smoother, soft, and manageable.

After applying it as instructed and when you wash and flat iron your hair, the end result is just amazing. Many girls who were about to go for the perm tried this and they are now quite happy with the result. They consider it as the keeper!

Since we repeatedly flat iron our hair, over the passage of time our hair becomes dried and lifeless. With the unique blend of oil from the Gold Label Brazilian keratin hair treatment, it prevents hair from damaging and drying. Not just that, it retains the moisture of the hair with the naturally vibrant shiny look.

Tips: While doing protein treatment for your hair with this one, do it outside, usually where there are lots of air at least well vented. Also, deep condition your hair before you apply it. Whatever you do, stick to the manufacturer’s instruction to get your desired result.

More Features & Pros

  • Recommended for black, African, Dominican, and all other hair types. It is especially popular among women having type 3a to 4c hairs. Lots of ladies with colored treated hair also found this effective as well. Even the women with blonde have found this useful.
  • Important ingredients: Argan oil, grape, avocado, and jojoba oil.
  • You will in need of a face mask and gloves to apply the Brazilian keratin blowout hair treatment. Even better, if you appoint your friend and any other family member to do it for you. The process really does require a 2nd person. Use only once in every 3 months. Don’t worry about the expiration date of the treatment. It lasts for a very long time.
  • Flat iron your hair at 450 F as instructed in the manual for 3 to 4 times. If you don’t get the desired result, means you did not set the temperature of the flat iron at 450F. The smell of the formaldehyde should go away after the flat ironing.
  • Highly recommended by experienced women and hairdresser for your long, thick, and frizzy hair as well.


  • Strong poignant smell due to the presence of formaldehyde.

CHI Silk Infusion In-depth Analysis

CHI keratin silk infusion
CHI keratin treatment

This is the last protein hair treatment feedback and this time it’s from the famous CHI! I believe you already know about the brand, right? Well, the Keratin silk infusion from CHI is also much popular among women across the USA to restore softness and shine in the hair.

Women with naturally curly dried hair call it the miracle potion for hair and there are pretty good reasons for that. How would you feel when your dried hair has the shiny, straight, and healthy look! This is a dream for many girls and this is the reason why CHI keratin silk infusion has so many positive feedback and recommendations from experienced women.

Did you kill your hair from over coloring? Use the CHI keratin regularly and every day you will realize that life is coming back to your dead hair.

Irrespective of the harsh environmental effect like heat and humidity, this keratin infusion has proven to give women the soft, frizz-free, silky shiny and manageable hair. No matter what your hair type is, it is just perfect to bring life back to your damaged and dull hair.

Tips: You should apply the keratin infusion on your towel dried hair (damp but not soaking) no matter what our hair type is. After applying to the whole of your hair, brush it or flat iron it after blow drying. The end result will be silky smooth and healthy hair!

It will NOT repair the split ends of your hair. But since it will make your silky smooth, the appearances of your hair’s split ends will be minimized and almost unnoticeable.

Many people make the mistake calling it a leave-in conditioner but it is not. It’s more like a finishing touch enriched with keratin that gives hair more shine and smoothness. Now watch the video on how to apply the CHI keratin silk infusion oil.

More Features & Pros of CHI

  • Loving smells! You will fall in love with the smell of the keratin infusion.
  • Only a few drops will do the magic! You can use the bottle for many times.
  • Using a flat iron with this infusion will give you a shiny finish.
  • Suitable for curly, fine, and thin hair as well.
  • You can use the keratin infusion every time you wash your hair.
  • Say goodbye to the tangles as well while combing your hair.
  • It is totally color safe.
  • No sticky feeling as well when you touch your hair.
  • Without weighing your hair down, it will make your hair frizz-free.
  • You will find so many hairdresser recommendations for this keratin infusion.

Cons of CHI

  • Very few women have reported finding no exceptional result from it.
  • Also, some women said it made their hair greasy.
Wrapping Up Keratin Treatment Reviews

Pretty long article, right? Well, I tried to include as many as I can so that you have the information of all the popular keratin treatments. So, which one will be the pick? I would go for the first one as the best keratin treatment that I reviewed above. It ’s the most popular and trusted by women.

Best Keratin Treatment Reviews 2020 [You Can Do It At Home]
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Best Keratin Treatment Reviews 2020 [You Can Do It At Home]
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