Best Blue Shampoo For Brunettes With Highlights To Buy In 2020


If you can get the best blue shampoo for brunettes with highlights, it will feel like you just come out of the salon each time you finished washing your hair. I am not exaggerating even a bit. Hairdressers use all the time in the salons. And if you have a good relationship with them, they will recommend one for you.

Hair coloring is a ton of work and you don’t want that to fade away quickly. You want to prevent your hair from turning into yellow, you must be open to paying a good price for a good product. And I have reviewed 4 of them below. 

Blue Shampoo For Brunettes With Highlights Comparison Table 

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Blue Malva
  • Our Rating: 10/10
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Celeb Luxury
  • Our Rating: 9/10
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  • Our Rating: 8/10
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  • Our Rating: 7/10
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4 Blue Shampoo Reviews 2020

blue shampoo for brunettes

There are plenty of blue shampoos out there and most of them really work but with some side effects. I have picked only 4 to review and if you follow their instruction, you will get your desired result without any negative effects. 

Let’s dive into the in-depth review on each of them.

Aveda Blue Malva

 Blue Shampoo For Brunettes With Highlights from AVEDA
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You must pay higher for better quality, right? Yes, you guessed it right. It’s expensive but works and it works well. Besides, one bottle gonna last for over a year! So, think about it first.

Now, let’s see why you should get the Blue Malva.

If you are a brunette and you are transitioning to natural silver hair, this is exactly what you need. It’s highly recommended by professional hairdressers and it makes your hair healthy too.

You don’t like your head full of yellow hair, you pay the extra price. It’s a purple shampoo but it lathers white. So, it won’t create a mess in the shower and your hands will be stain-free.

There are plenty of loyal customers for Blue Malva. Some of them have been using this for decades. Your white hair will never ever turn into yellow as long as you use this. 

If you got grey hair, it will always keep your hair bright grey. A great shampoo for such hair type. It won’t let your hair be dull. And almost certainly, it won’t make your hair dry as well.

You will get ash-blond highlights for your growing white hair as long as you keep it using. You hate brassy tones; this is what you need. For a blue shampoo for brassy hair, it smells nice and it leaves your hair soft too.

Features & Pros of Blue Malva

  • A plant-based hair care shampoo that WORKS!
  • It does not make your hair blue. It keeps your white hair from turning into yellow. It makes your hair shiny, soft, and beautiful.
  • Enriched with flower essences (lemon, eucalyptus, ylang-ylang, etc.) that you will love.
  • Great to neutralize brassy tones for all shades.
  • It gives you a healthy scalp too.
  • Perfect choice for grey hair to add extra silvery brightness.
  • If you notice brassy tones, give this a try today and notice the difference rapidly. You will get a lot of compliments for your hair!
  • Don’t be afraid of the cost. The bottle is huge and it lasts for an entire year.
  • Recommended by lots of hairstylists too.


  • In rare circumstances, it made hair dry.

Viral Extreme Blue Colorwash

No more fading fun colors to your hair. A perfect alternative for Blue Malva if you don’t want to spend a lot. It works and certainly helps. You won’t be needing to make frequent trips to the salon and that way it will save you a lot of money.

Viral Extreme Blue Colorwash
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Believe it or not, many ladies have confirmed it gives their hair a more beautiful look than the salon. To make your hair soft and keep them undamaged, you must use your regular conditioner too.

The color wash won’t leave any stain on your skin but it will leave a purple stain on your tub/shower. Nothing to be worried. It will go away with any decent shower clear and washcloth. 

It has already made a lot of ladies impressed. You don’t like the unpleasant yellow tinge to show up, you need something like that actually WORKS!

Many women have already tried many purple shampoos, toners, color rinses, and so on for their silver/grey hair but did not get expected results. Only the Extreme blue shampoo for silver hair worked for them perfectly.

You don’t need a lot of it for each wash.  A little amount goes a long way. The result is almost momentarily and within just a few days; your hair will be free of such yellowish hue completely. 

It’s a blessing for your bleached hair. Mixed it with your favorite conditioner and wash your hair. You will fall in love with the mixed pink and silver color. 

Pros & More Features

  • It’s available in multiple colors. These are not permanent colors.
  • Incredibly powerful color depositing feature. Takes out the brassy tones like a charm.
  • No more dull color that fades away in no time!
  • It works really well for pre-lighted platinum hair.
  • A surprisingly good amount of foam and bubbles. It cleans your hair really well too.
  • Whereas most colors like this won’t work well if you have naturally white/grey hair, it works wonderfully well!
  • You should wear gloves before applying this shampoo to keep your hands stain-free.


  • Manageable color stains on the shower walls.
  • It dries your hair if you don’t use conditioner.
  • It contributes to hair breakage too.

Fanola Blue Shampoo

For the blonde hair, you need something that professional hairstylists use to fight the brassiness. Fanola works great for such issues. And if you want to make fewer trips to the salon, you should definitely have this. Huge recommendations! 

Fanola Blue Shampoo
Click On The Image To Check Price On Amazon

A perfect blue shampoo for brunettes that prevents your hair color to fade away. Just wash your hair with this shampoo on a weekly basis and your hair will stay fresh and more beautiful. 

It’s not a purple shampoo for blonde hair, but it works even better! If you have darker hair, it is obviously meant for that, but just keep in mind that it works for the blonde too. 

You spend a lot of money at the salon to get your highlights done. Well, now you can save a lot just by washing your hair with this amazing shampoo. It’s a godsend for hair with natural red tones. 

Lots of hairdressers recommend this shampoo because it helps to maintain the recently done hair color at the shampoo. Highly effective to tone the color of your hair. 

Many ladies were hesitant and skeptical. But when it proved to be effective to tone down the yellow – they become its loyal customers forever because it’s undoubtedly one of the best blue shampoos for brunettes with highlights. 

Like every blue shampoo or purple shampoo, it dries out your hair too. There is no escape from it unless you use any good moisturizing conditioner. The result will be even more amazing if you do so. And of course, don’t forget to wear any rubber gloves before applying it. 

Why Should You Get The Fanola?

  • From decolored hair to super lightened, it’s perfect for your grey hair too.
  • Enriched with blue pigment to keep your hair color more vibrant and consistent.
  • Perfect for dark blonde, brunette, platinum, and grey hair.
  • No more yellow hue on your hair and I mean NEVER!
  • Highly effective to neutralize the unwanted red/copper reflections and to tone down the orange hue.
  • Use once every week and leave it on for not more than 5 minutes before you rinse it off.


  • Sometimes, the bottle arrives leaked and it may create a mess. Simply return it if that happens!

Oligo Professionnel

It does everything that you expect from a quality blue shampoo but does not come with inherent problems. Well, drying your hair and leaving blue stains on your hand are common problems, right? Well, Oligo does not come with such problems. 

Oligo Professionnel
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The reason is pretty simple. It’s both a shampoo and a conditioner to keep your hair clean and soft. It lathers up easy that you don’t see in many prominent blue shampoos for brunettes.

There is so much love for this shampoo among ladies who had suffered a lot from brassiness and yellow/orange hue. It keeps your newly highlighted hair shiny and bright for a long time. That’s how it saves money keeping your color for a very long time.

All it takes just one wash to see its magic. A game-changer if you have a darker blonde hair. It forwards the white blonde colors and it looks so beautiful! Just let it sit for a few minutes before you wash it off and see the difference! 

It’s very easy to use and manage. You will love the way it makes your hair feel and smells. Trusted and recommended by lots of hairstylists. You have probably seen it in the salon too. 

If you are a blonde, you should seriously think about it. It works like magic on blonde hair. And if you are happy with it, keep it in your stock so that you don’t run out of it soon. 

More Features & Pros

  • A must-have hair care item for brown to dark blonde hair. Do you have a brassy tone hair, try this and see how it takes out all the brassiness like magic!
  • A very little goes a very long way. Very economical solution for your hair color.
  • Each time you wash your hair with Oligo, it will feel like you just walk out of the salon!
  • It makes your hair fuller and very soft no matter how damaged or brittle your hair is.
  • Completely gluten-free.

Cons of Oligo

  • Well, it works great and prevents your hair from being red/yellow but it will dye your fingernails into blue unless you use any rubber gloves.
How To Keep Hair Dye From Fading?

Apart from using blue or purple shampoo and conditioner, there are a lot more other ways to take care of your color-treated hair. Only the shampoo won’t do the job unless your hair is healthy and it won’t be healthy unless you take good care of it regularly. Here are some good to follow tips: 

  • Use Only Sulfate-free Shampoo

If your shampoo is enriched with sulfate, it will strip the color from the hair faster because sulfate contains salt. Read the ingredients before you buy such shampoos. 

  • Avoid Excessive Heat

Blow drying, using the curling iron, or straightening your hair – all involve excessive heat. Of course, you will be doing these but try to keep them less frequent. You can always dry your hair naturally without the help of a blow dryer. 

  • Trim Off The Damage

Every color treatment comes with negative impacts on your hair. You do not want such damages to spread all over your hair. Trim the ends off to prevent such spread after each time you color your hair. 

  • Reduce The Wash Numbers

Each time you wash your hair, it will lose the color. If you normally wash your hair 4 times a week, reduce the number to 2. This will make the color last a long while and it will help to maintain the natural color of your hair. 

Also, make sure not to wash your hair with shampoo immediately after 2 days from coloring your hair. 

  • Don’t Use Warm Water

Washing your hair with warm water will lead to loss of moisture and contribute to frizz. That’s why you should always wash your color-treated with cool water only. It will help to seal the color to your hair shaft better. 

  • Increase Vitamin C Intake

It keeps your color-treated hair shiny and healthy. Vitamin C keeps your scalp healthy too. Thus it leaves a positive impact on your hair follicles. 

  • Protein Treatment

If your hair snaps off easily or if it is mushy when wet, your hair is protein damaged. You should immediately start nourishing your hair with a protein treatment. You can buy protein tables from your stores to fix this.

Summing Up

As you can see there a good number of blue shampoos to take out the brassiness and prevent your hair from turning into yellow. All you have to do is to pick one of the best blue shampoo for brunettes with highlights that suit your hair. If you are willing to pay a higher price for higher quality, go for the Blue Malva I reviewed at first.

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