Can You Use A Beard Trimmer On Female Pubic Hair?


The short answer is “No”. Well, technically you can, but you really should not try this. To put it easily, it’s like using laundry soap for bathing purposes. You can, but should you do this?

I know a lot of ladies do this and most of the time they get away with this, but this is something dangerous to do. The situation gets worse when you try a shaver to deal with your pubic hair unless you have a bikini trimmer.

I will explain why shortly. You will find lots of resources saying it’s okay to do and there is no imminent danger to it. Well, sometimes, it’s not true!

Why You Should Not Use A Beard Trimmer On Female Pubic Hair?

use a beard trimmer on female pubic hair

Just for a little bit of distraction or a small deviation of the blade, even an experienced man cuts in the beard region. You have seen it a lot everywhere; in real life and even in the cinema!

So, shavers are off the table. But what about beard trimmer? Well, beard trimmers are better options than the shavers because there is no risk of cutting. But still, bread trimmers are not recommended.

Let me explain why.

Prominent brands like Philips,  Panasonic, and other so many brands manufacture bear trimmer keeping in mind that their products will be used for thicker hair NOT on soft skin located pubic hair.

Flexibility is another crucial issue here. When applied on the beard, these trimmers offer more flexibility than what you will get when applied to the pubic region. Due to the lack of flexibility in the pubic area, there is a higher chance of injuries.

Now, I am not saying you can’t use that to trim hairs on your legs and arms; that’s totally fine. If you are extremely careful, it’s possible to cut your pubic region. The problem is, there is still the chance of small cuts; at least for the first few times.

If you want to be extra careful, you should avoid bear trimmer too. There is plenty of dedicated top hair trimmer for you to take care of your pubic hair. These trimmers got a special swiveling head or at least narrower blades than the beard trimmer.

Features of Beard Trimmer To Trim Female Pubic Hair

We all forget to charge the battery of the trimmer. So, sometimes we may have to use the beard trimmer. If that happens and it’s an emergency (for whatever reason), you should at least check the following features to ensure that the beard trimmer is up to close to trim your pubic hair.

  1. Do not try to use a heavy-weight trimmer in your pubic region. Only a lightweight trimmer is easy to maneuver around the pubic region.
  2. By all means, avoid using dull and old beard trimmers on the pubic hair to avoid irritation, itching, and razor burn. It may create an allergic reaction too when used on the face again.
  3. Make sure it has different size guards. Normally, they come with lots of attachments to let you have complete control over the length to achieve an optimal result.
  4. If you don’t clean it really well, there is a serious health concern for your partner if he uses it to cut his beard again. So, if you use it to trim your pubic hair, make sure to disinfect it so that there are no dirt and bacteria.


Don’t forget your male partner will use it on his face again. So, there is a serious hygiene issue here. Trimmer for pubic hair is widely available and they are cheap. Just get yourself a portable one and you should be okay.

But if you really have to use the beard trimmer, make sure to follow the above 4 features I discussed above.

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