How to Use Coconut Oil For Hair?


Coconut oil, because of its various uses, is called the miracle oil usually. Using coconut oil makes your hair shiny and smooth. It can give a lot to your hair than most of the other hair oil can.

Actually, there’s no such strict rule to follow to use coconut oil. You can use it freely on your hair whatever the way you like. Though, If you are up to giving your hair a special touch or care, then you might have to follow some rules that experts made after research.

How to Use Coconut Oil For Curly Hair?

how to apply coconut oil for hair

As we have mentioned earlier that there is no such fixed rule to use coconut oil. But, in order to get proper advantages of coconut oil, you may have to listen to the hair experts. As we love our readers, so we have learned it well and now would like to explain it to you.

Sit tight.

Coconut oil can express its best potential when it is used as a pre-wash conditioner. The oil helps to regain the natural proteins of your hair. So that your scalp does not swell. It happens if the proteins of your head are lost because of aging or something else.

But, we should inform you that it does not apply to every kind of hair. Using it on the medium or nice hair gets the best result the coconut oil can offer. Besides, coarse and dry hair may face disasters like massive hair fall for using coconut oil.

So, before using coconut oil in your hair, you should know the rules and keep them in mind while using it.

Talking about rules and methods, you should take only a little amount of coconut oil and rub it on your hair. You can take a handful of oil too, but it is not needed. Also using a lot of oil is not safe at all. Firstly, take a little amount of coconut oil, put it between your palms and then rub it well.

Finally, rub the oil from root to tip and make sure it reaches your entire scalp. These methods are normal and can be applied to any kind of hair.

Let’s see how to use coconut oils for curly hairs.

Only the people who have curly hairs know the pain of it. No one else does. They know how does it feel to deal with the tangles every day. Sometimes, it becomes worst. The good news is, anyone with curly hair can solve this unbearable problem using coconut oil.

The method of using coconut oil in curly hair is kind of tangled as the hair. Though, following the rules will make the coconut oil work as a detangler for your curly hair. However, we tried to make it as simple as we could.

We suggest you follow these rules exactly to see the real potential of coconut oil.

  1. Take two bowls or cups or such utensils from where you can take oil using your hand. The bowls should be of two different sizes. Pour some of the oil in the smaller bowl.
  2. Now, put the smaller bowl with the coconut oil in the bigger one. Make sure the size of the bowls is enough to be put inside along with some space left empty.
  3. In the bigger bowl, pour some hot water. Be careful so that the inner bowl does not float with the water. But, it should be drowned partially.
  4. Wait until the oil becomes warm enough.
  5. The wait is over, get some of the warm oil from bowl to your fingertips, rub them in your palms, and then massage them in your hair. Rub it from the root to the end.
  6. Repeat it on your curly hair until it detangles completely.

Sometimes, it may take a little time. But it’s worth it.

Take A Deep Conditioning With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used as a conditioner also. The scalp moisturization is what it does very well. As a result, hair gets a healthy glow.

To use coconut oil as a conditioner, follow the steps below.

  1. To begin, make sure your hairs are washed and dried a few minutes ago.
  2. Get two bowls in different sizes, a comb, shower towel, shower cap, and the most needed coconut oil.
  3. Pour some oil into the smaller bowl. And then put it on the bigger bowl.
  4. Now, pour some hot water into the larger bowl. Don’t let the smaller float but drowned partially. Exactly as we have shown in the first method up here.
  5. When the oil is warm enough, take some of it and massage it in your hair following the methods mentioned earlier.
  6. Now, get the shower towel, wrap your hair in it. Keep it wet for at least 20 minutes. 30 minutes is best.
  7. Shampoo your hair well.
  8. After completing this, wait until your hair gets dried. And then see the magic.

Hair Color Base

styling hair with coconut oilOne can use coconut oil as a color base even it is curly hair.

And it will be a natural color base. Coconut oil can go deeper into your hair and can nourish it faster than any other oil can do. Using coconut oil before coloring hair makes sure that the color does not fade away so much fast as it does normally. It causes sparkling of the colored hair.

Let’s hop into the methods of using coconut oil as a color base.

Collect all the equipment that is needed in this method. Such as a shower cap, gloves, a comb, a spoon, two bowls of different sizes, hair color, and most importantly the coconut oil.

  1. Take a few spoons of coconut oil and pour them into the smaller bowl.
  2. Put the bowl with coconut oil into the comparatively bigger bowl. Now pour some hot water into the bigger one.
  3. Don’t let the smaller bowl float, but it should be partially drowned.
  4. Wait until the oil gets warmed and also melted.
  5. After the oil gets melted, mix it with the color you want to apply on your hair.
  6. Massage the color and coconut oil mix in your hair in the places you want to color.
  7. After massaging the color mix, wait for at least 3 hours.
  8. Now shampoo your hair. And after that, start rinsing off the color mix from your hair completely.
  9. Dry your hair. And you are done.

Even though you have come here for curly hair, but you should know that coconut oil is good for every kind of hair, not only curly hair.

If the experts are asked for enormously moisturizing and nourishing oil, they suggest only one oil, that is coconut oil.

If your hairs have lost enough protein due to age or something else, then coconut oil helps you to regain them from inside. Which makes your hair look shiny, smooth and silky.

When it is utilized from the scalp to the tip of your hair, following the right method, then it can show you it’s proper power and strength.

In coconut oil, the natural fatty acid is available in a huge number. which includes anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Most of the people out there who have curly hairs love coconut oil very much. Now, watch the instructional video on how to use this miracle oil.

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