John Frieda Hot Air Brush Review 2020 [Video Feedback Included]


Just like it claims, it can actually dry your hair while styling and add more volume & body. At the end of reading the John Frieda airbrush comprehensive discussion, you will also understand why it’s better than so many other brands and it has more than thousands of happy feedback from users and professional hairstylists.

John Frieda Hot Air Brush Review 2020

It does not rotate but still, you should have it irrespective of your hair types.


John Frieda Hot Air Brush Review
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In short, if you want the TRUE salon-style blowout for your hair, John Frieda hot brush is second to none. The outcome is better than most other popular brands like Conair. At the end of reading John Frieda airbrush feedback, you will understand why thousands of hundreds of happy ladies and professional hairstylists have recommended it.

Just like John Frieda claims, it’s a verified fact that the style can really dry your hair while giving you mind-blowing hairstyles. In addition to drying your hair, the sturdy bristles of the brush can add shine to your hair. You will get your curl exactly where you want it.

It’s pretty lightweight and very easy to use it. Your hair will never get tangled. It’s a verified fact and lots of ladies have confirmed that the hot airbrush can effectively control frizz.

That’s not all…

John Frieda hot air brush has solved the very common problem of a traditional hairdryer and hairbrush. With a traditional hairdryer, there will be weird waves and curls near the roots of your hair. That’s so annoying! But with this one, you will not face any such experience.

It’s really easy to maneuver. If you have long wavy hair you will find it useful. Women with the same hair type have confirmed that with this brush they have got the true blow out. Managing the layers of your hair won’t be any more problematic.

Now, how about video feedback on John Frieda hot airbrush?

Features & Pros of John Frieda Air Brush

Now that you have the general idea of the hot airbrush, let’s have some in-depth features of it.

  • Available in 2 sizes: 1″ & 1.5″
  • Features high-voltage (500 watts) ionic generator. The end result is, your hair gets around 50% more negative ions. So, there will be less frizz and flyaways and your hair will be shinier.
  • Instantly heats up so you don’t have to wait to get it hot.
  • 2 heat settings including one cool setting. Remember, it just doesn’t get heat up, it blows warm air and that’s the reason it works better than other stylers.
  • Ceramic coated plates and it’s a true infusion of titanium and ceramic which ultimately distribute heat evenly and gently. No damage or whatsoever to your hair from the uneven heat!
  • As you style, the titanium ceramic barrel lets you have fullness and body. Highly recommended for gorgeous volume.
  • Soft bristles to give your hair the ultimate shine and smoothness.
  • Less noisy than most other traditional blow dryers.
  • Women having thin and grey hair have confirmed that it works great for such hair types.
  • Worried about your curly hair? It works even great for curly hair!
  • Even for fine thin hair, it is highly recommended.
  • Huge recommendations from the experienced ladies and hairstylist.
  • Long swiveling power cord.
  • Less time to style your hair.
  • U.S.A. household electricity compatible (110 volts).
  • Some ladies call it the godsend hairstyle that lasts really long.

How to Use John Frieda Air Brush For The Best Result

Remove excess moisture from your hair first. Once your hair is 80% to 85% dry, you are good to use the airbrush. Section off your hair for the volume and body.

Set the correct heat setting as per your hair type and position the brush close to the roots of your hair. To remove any tangles, brush through the section. If you need added root lift, hold the brush for a few seconds in place.

Ladies Tips on John Frieda Hot Brush

If you don’t have any experience of using the John Frieda anti-static brush, this section will be helpful for you. You see, lots of experienced women have been using it for several years. They have shared their experiences with some tips. I have made a shortlist with all these practical useful tips.

  • Make sure your hair is at least 85% dry before applying this hot airbrush. Use it on your damp hair, and it will dry completely during the styling. Don’t forget to use any heat tamer, something like argon oil enriched heat protectant.
  • Don’t rush to tame your frizzy hair.
  • To clean it, use a teasing comb having long skinny end to part the attached hair. Then use a damp cloth to clean the residue from the surface of the brush.
  • If you have fine hair and if you need an added boost, using the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner is recommended.
  • Use the high setting on the root and hold it for about 20 seconds and put the cool setting on for about 10 seconds to hold the curl.

Cons of John Frieda Air Brush

Like all other hairbrushes, John Frieda airbrush has some unpleasant issues as well. It’s good to know them before you make your final decision.

  • The tip on the top is not heat-resistant. It gets very hot.
  • Non-removable brush head has made it difficult to clean it.
  • Not travel-friendly. To use it outside of the U.S.A, you have to use an adaptor.

Now, watch the video where someone talked about it explaining how the airbrush has changed her life?

John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush

john frieda salon shape hot air brush
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Right after the most popular model, the salon shape john Frieda anti-static brush is also getting popularity day by day. It has almost the same features as the previous one. It’s available in 1.5”. Just like the previous one, it adds volume and shine your hair while dries each strand of your hair.

Do you have frizzy hair? Do you like to straighten them with this one? Yes, you can do so! Just make sure your hair is still damp. Besides, women with fine thin hair have been using it for several years satisfactorily. So, yes it works for the long healthy fine hair as well.

Lots have confirmed the fact that it adds a lot of volumes and that lasts for a really long time. Above all, it’s inexpensive!

More Features & Pros of John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush

  • Much better than using a separate brush and blow dryer.
  • 3 separate settings: Low, High, and Cool High.
  • Proven to make hair shiny and smooth. Take less time to style your hair. Highly useful when you have less time early in the morning.
  • Have medium length hair? Look no further!
  • Swiveling cord so the brush spins conveniently.
  • The separable bottom part, so you can clean it easily.

Cons of John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush

  • Just like the previous one, it does not rotate as well.
  • 1.5” is a little bit bigger for some people.

Last Words on John Frieda Air Brush

As promised, I have discussed the 2 most popular models of John Frieda hot air brush review. All the information presented above is based on feedback from various ladies having experiences of using these airbrushes. The first one is highly recommended you should have it.

John Frieda Hot Air Brush Review 2020 [Video Feedback Included]
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John Frieda Hot Air Brush Review 2020 [Video Feedback Included]
It dries your hair and adds much-needed volume & body. Because of its huge popularity, let's have an in-depth look at John Frieda hot airbrush.
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  1. Marquis

    April 15, 2018 at 11:52 am

    Does it truly dry the hair while styling your hair? That means I don’t have to use any hair dryer first, right? I have read it gives awesome blowout and adds volume to hair. I think I am gonna need it but I need to be sure of something.

    In your review, you have said that it does not burn the hand even if I touch it with both hands while styling the hair. If it’s true then it’s great! The feature is very rare in most other all in one hot airbrush.

    Also, what the changes of burning my hair with it?


    • Marilyn Atkins

      June 28, 2018 at 12:44 pm

      So many thanks for your valuable comment. And it’s great to know that you are interested in John Frieda Hot Airbrush.

      As for your some questions, yes it does dry your hair while giving style to your hair. There are thousands of verified reviews about it and you are welcome to read them as well to prove the fact. And yes, it adds volume to your hair and gives extra shine.

      To the question of whether it will burn your hand and hair; no it won’t burn your hand and it’s a verified fact by so many users. Also, if you carefully use it and read the instructions first, it won’t burn your hair either!


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