Best Pubic Hair Trimmer For Ladies To Buy In 2020


When you need a razor with trimmer that can remove hairs from your sensitive skin from the hard to reach areas, you need the best pubic hair trimmer for ladies. It should leave your skin soft but offer the result of a razor.

Apart from high-end brands like the Philips ladies trimmer, I have included some other trimmer for women that can trim and shave like blades without giving you any irritation.

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Best Pubic Hair Trimmer For Ladies Comparison Table

Out of so many lady trimmers, it’s hard to find the right pubic hair trimmer that actually works without the risk of cutting yourself. I have included 5 trimmers for women in the following comparison table to have a quick look.

Image Brand/Model Details Price
Philips BikiniGenie
  • Feat.: Wet/dry skin
  • Rechargeable Battery? No
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SanSiDo Bikini Trimmer
  • Feat.: Wet/dry skin
  • Rechargeable Battery? Yes
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Brori Electric Razor
  • Feat.: LED light
  • Rechargeable Battery? Yes
View On Amazon
VOYOR Electric Bikini Trimmer
  • Feat.: Face brush
  • Rechargeable Battery? Yes
View On Amazon
Remington 5 Piece Groomer Kit
  • Feat.: Wet/dry skin
  • Rechargeable Battery? Yes
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5 Reviews On Best Lady Shaver For Legs, Face, And Pubic Hair

You got the idea of what I am gonna review, right? Well, it’s important that you read in-depth reviews as well to understand what other ladies think about them. I ordered them in the above table and below-mentioned reviews based on quality and positive reviews from thousands of hundreds of satisfied ladies.

Philips BikiniGenie

It’s hard to find a hair removal trimmer for ladies that trim the hair nicely without pulling them. It’s sometimes painful and all times irritating when it pulls hair, right?

Well, with BikiniGenie from the trusted Philips, your problem is solved! It trims your pubic hair smoothly without any pulling.

best pubic hair trimmer for ladies from Philips
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It has everything to take care of down there and it works like charm! Highly recommended trimmer for women that have already won the hearts of many ladies. It brings the real benefits of shaving female private parts.

For easy maneuver, the compact and nice design is simply priceless. From cleaning brush to attachments, it contains everything that you need.

Among all Philips ladies trimmer, it’s most popular simply because it works nicely and comes with everything. So, this is what you are gonna get. 

It comes with one shaving head, 2 extenders, and a trimming head. Now, here is the secret tip if you have long hair down there.

Let me tell you again. Do not start using the shaving head if you have long hairs (more than 0.5 cm). Use the trimming head to trim them down and then use the shaving head to get the best result.

Perfectly suitable if you hate the extremely painful shaving. You can save yourself from the severe razor burns with this highly recommended hair removal trimmer for ladies. 

With long-lasting battery and super durability, this bikini trimmer is something that every lady should have. For several ladies, it lasted years after years. You will love its portability. It does not have any cables or wires, so you can carry it wherever you want. Highly portable!

For the price, it’s a great personal shaver that can really get the job done. Many women have confirmed that it works better than premium brands like Gillette razors. It does not break after a while and works like charm every time.

Do not store it in humid places. The humidity of the bathroom will ruin it. And when not in use, remove the battery for long-lasting service. This is important that you do this after each use! Also, it’s intended only for the bikini area, not recommended for the armpits or shaving legs hair.

More Features & Pros

  • Have thicker hair? It’s perfect to trim them with less irritation and cuts. Works perfectly on both dry and wet skin. But do not take this in the shower. It’s electrical equipment after all.
  • Runs on easily and widely available AA batteries. And these batteries lasted for so long. So you can take it anywhere you want.
  • Perfect for your whole vulva!
  • No need to use any gel or cream. You don’t like shaving in the winter? Get it now!
  • Highly reliable unit for lots of happy ladies.


  • No replacement parts are available. But then again, why should you be looking for these replacement parts?| The whole thing is so inexpensive!


SanSiDo Women’s Razor With Trimmer

Out of all those high-end ladies trimmers from reputed brands, the exceptional ease of use has made this bikini trimmer stand-alone. It comes with lots of trim guards to have your dream bikini line shape.

These attachments ensure snug-fit and no chance of falling off while you trim down there.

SanSiDo lady shaver
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With a long-lasting battery, you can use it for at least one whole week once fully charged. No, the battery has not made it heavy-weight.

In fact, many ladies have confirmed that it’s a lightweight unit they have seen so far. While trimming or shaving, it will give you a smooth feeling as you have never experienced before.

The smooth blade gives you an extraordinarily close shave without any cutting risk. Though I don’t recommend it, you can touch the blade while running without cutting yourself.

If the normal razor shave gives you a razor bump, try this. You will be impressed with the close-cut it gives you.

It’s a money saver. If you spend lots of money on disposable blades, try this. You will get the same result without spending too much on it. Let me say it again, the shaver removes hair really well.

It will save you more time you would otherwise spend on all those waxing. No more painful waxing! So, if you are a super busy woman, it will be your ‘bestie’.

Do you have hypoallergenic and sensitive skin? I know a lot of ladies look for this feature when it comes to buying a woman trimmer. Don’t worry! Many ladies have confirmed to get their bikini area trimmed without any irritation.

It works well on damp skin. With all those attachments, it’s very easy to clean your private area without creating any mess.

Pros & More Features

  • It comes in everybody’s favorite pink color!
  • After trimming and shaving, your skin will feel smooth. Remove hairs that you intend to without any irritation. A life-saver for women with sensitive skin. You will love how gentle it is.
  • Intelligent design. It fits your hand comfortably. Thanks to its S-shaped handle!
  • Now you can remove hairs from the harder to reach private areas easily. Removing hairs from the bikini areas, armpits, legs, and hands have never been so easier!
  • Glides easily and smoothly on the thick, soapy, and dry areas. Don’t forget to use the guards to cut longer hair. 
  • You can use it in water. Perfect choice to remove hair in dry condition or in the bath. Though I don’t recommend it to be used in water.
  • It gets fully recharged within an hour.
  • No battery requirement; powerful rechargeable battery. It recharges quickly too.
  • Highly portable hair removal trimmer for ladies. Take it anywhere you need it.
  • Easy to clean. Ringe in water or use a brush to clean.


  • Not so great as a shaver but pretty good as a trimmer.


Brori Electric Razor for Women

A perfect alternative who prefers blade razors. It comes with two blades and each of them is very easy to use in the shower. Each time, it leaves your skin soft without any sort of cutting hazard.

This is something you won’t get from a razor. Many ladies have confirmed, they have never used an electric razor like this before!

Brori razor with trimmer
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It’s pretty fast and quick to get your results without possibly cutting yourself. Even in your sensitive areas, it leaves a great shave afterward.

Sometimes it’s just nerve-wracking to place a soapy razor on those areas. Brori frees you from such horrible feelings yet you will get a very nice result.

A perfect razor for your arms, legs, and hands. And it works great to trim your pubic hair too. It features a flashlight too to see the dark places clearly.

Yet you need to be careful trimming down there so that you don’t nick yourself accidentally. A powerful and versatile unit to get all the job done smoothly and painlessly. 

Out of the 2 blades, you can use the one for trimming and another one works like a razor. So, it’s a complete package that will meet and exceed your expectations. It has already done so for many ladies as their best women’s electric razor for coarse hair.

It’s tiny in size and very lightweight. You can put the razor with trimmer in your little cosmetic bag and travel anywhere you want confidently. 

You will find the curved ergonomically designed handle useful to hold and maneuver and this is important to remove the pubic hair from hard to reach areas. Perfect for a petite hand too. You can shave your fine hair on arms and legs without any cutting.

Beauty Tips
To get the best result, make sure to exfoliate to slough off the skin and raise all of your hairs that you intend to remove.  

Pros & More Features

  • Available in 2 beautiful colors: Green And Blue. 
  • It comes with a charging stand. So, you can leave it standing on the vanity or counter while recharging.
  • Perfect to be used on dry or wet skin and offers you a very close shave. 
  • Great portability. It comes with a travel case too. Runs on  100-240V. So, you can recharge it wherever you are.
  • When you need a quick shave, it’s perfect. Very easy to clean too.
  • Rechargeable and one charge are enough for the whole body. Saves you lots of money on disposable blades. 
  • You will find the small LED light very useful to see clearly shaving in the dark or to see clearly the dark areas.
  • Suitable for women with sensitive skin. Many ladies have confirmed it’s very gentle on their skin.


  • If you use it in the shower, the handle is kind of slippery.
  • A little bit noisy.


VOYOR Bikini Trimmer

VOYOR is not a well-known brand. But it sure knows how to make this work! It’s not just a lady trimmer, it’s everything!

It saves you from the trouble of getting many devices to take care of your business. Loved by a lot for it’s precise and close shaving and trimming abilities.

voyor women's electric razor for coarse hair
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All the attachments work just like the way they are supposed to. You will get larger and smaller trimmer & shaver heads and a face brush head. Many happy ladies call it the complete package to seal the deal!

The close shaver head gives you almost the same result as a regular blade. It’s well-designed and aesthetically pleasing.

Almost all of us think that an electrical shaver can’t give the same result as a razor and shaving cream, but this one changed that view completely.  No need to press too hard as well. You will get an amazing result.

However, to trim your pubic hair – you should try to get the bigger trimmer head to the best result. Less irritation and no chance of cutting. The trimmer attachment comes with a cap which you will like a lot.

Not just for your pubic hair, it does a great job giving you a close shave on your armpits. The face brush head is surprisingly soft to touch and you will get the feeling that it’s cleaning your face pretty good.

Now, if you have sensitive skin, the brush may make it a bit red. But it will go away and calm down within just 10 to 12 minutes.

The good news is it’s very easy to maintain. Cleaning is super easy since you can remove all the parts. It’s a USB charging multi-tool with a strong charging base. Very convenient to recharge. 

More Features & Pros

  • Perfect to trim or shave unwanted hair from your whole body. Do not worry about long and short hair, it’s perfect for every kind of hair.
  • You can use it to deep clean your facial skin. Thanks to its sonic cleansing technology.
  • Features waterproof body and charging cord, no need to worry about storing it in a humid environment in your bathroom. FYI: the charging standing base is not waterproof. So you can take a while in the shower but not the charging base.
  • The shaving head features anti-allergen foil for sensitive skin. For uneven body parts like the armpits, it may hurt your skin. Use some talcum powder there and you should be good to go.
  • Perfect to be used in the bikini area and many have confirmed it to be another best pubic hair trimmer for ladies.
  • CE, ROHS, and FCC certified hair removal trimmer for ladies.
  • No need to replace the battery. Just recharge easily and use years after years. Works perfectly with 110-220 volt.


  • You may find it useful, but so some ladies the little less soft face cleansing attachment is somewhat disappointing.

Remington 5 Piece Body & Bikini Groomer Kit

For all of your tight spaces, this bikini groomer set outperformance its counterparts in lots of ways. First, it lasts years after years. In fact, many ladies have been using the pubic hair trimmer for 7 plus years with no issue at all. 

remington bikini groomer kit
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It comes with lots of attachments and all the attachments work well and seem to get the job done. These additional attachments and adjustable heads will make your daily touch-ups a breeze.

The trimmer can be used to remove stray eyebrow hairs.

The real beauty is it won’t nip you as severely as many brands or your previous lady trimmer. It’s a proven fact by lots of ladies. And many have confirmed the motor is strong and the battery lasts really long. 

Yes, you won’t get the same result as close as the razor, but the bikini trimmer gives you a pretty close result. You can wear your bathing suits without any hesitation and you can use them in the shower without damaging it.

In fact, take it camping fully charged and it will last the whole time to clean all of your privates.

Apart from the pubic trimmer head, you will find the facial buffer tool attachment most useful. It will give you extra confidence when someone looks at your face closely.

Within just 10 minutes or less, it will suck up all the grime and your skin will look awesome. It is a must-have tool for you if you have larger or clogged pores. 

Many ladies got this for a quick bikini clean up and it worked like a charm every time. For years, it did not let them down. It’s very easy to use every attachment.

You will be thrilled to see how close it saves without any bleeding. You will be surprised how gentle and effective it is for your bikini area. Now, watch it’s video unpacking and demo.

More Features & Pros

  • Quieter operation than many prominent brands can offer. A great personal shaver that every lady should have.
  • It stands up; so, it will take less space.
  • It comes with 5 different attachments. The exfoliating brush really does a great job scrubbing your face. It works like magic.
  • The foil attachment will remove all unwanted hairs and the result will be closed to shaving razors.
  • Very lightweight; very easy to maneuver every attachment to fulfill all shaving needs. Perfect for precise touch-ups and you can perfectly shape your bikini line with the trimmer. 
  • Waterproof and versatile unit. So; you can bring it in the shower.
  • Very easy to clean every attachment. Just remove them and clean them with water.
  • Long-lasting performance. Remington stands behind their products for a longer time. So, don’t be worried about its durability.


  • You will cut yourself if don’t pay attention while trimming. 
  • Some ladies found an itchy problem.
Pubic Hair Trimmer For Ladies Buying Guide

bikini groomer

A razor with trimmer can be great as a women’s electric razor for coarse hair but may not be suitable for other ladies or for fine hair. So, there are a lot of factors you need to consider if you want to pick the right hair removal trimmer for ladies that works for you and exceeds your expectations. Here are some of those factors:

  • Check Functionalities

If it’s a trimmer only, you won’t get the same result that you expect from a razor or blade. So, it’s wise to pick a razor with a trimmer with multiple attachments to meet all of your hair removal needs. 

If a lady trimmer does not tell you anything about cleaning your bikini area, it’s probably not suitable for that purpose. Some trimmers are perfect only to remove hair from legs and hands; not even from your armpits! So, read carefully it’s functionalities.

Generally, any pubic hair trimmer comes with lots of attachments. Read what each of these attachments does and then make up your mind.

  • Design

You should be comfortable to hold it. The ergonomic design plays a great role to prevent accidental falls off during the trimming. Don’t forget it’s hard to keep it in your hand while it’s wet and full of soap. Now, that brings another question!

  • Wet/Dry Trimming

Many of us like to trim or shave in the shower, right? But don’t forget, almost all of these pubic hair trimmers are electrical and you need to be seriously skeptical bringing it in the shower. 

Not all, but a lot of these women’s electric razors work both on wet and dry skin. All I am saying is, just double-check this feature if you intend to use it on your dry skin. If it’s waterproof, it can be used in both conditions.

  • Rechargeable Battery

A trimmer with a rechargeable battery is always preferable over something that runs on an AA battery. Don’t forget, the AA battery may die during the middle of trimming and it will be a mess if you don’t have a stock of them in your home. 

A powerful rechargeable battery that lasts really long once fully charged is something I would go for. Also, once charged you should be able to trim or shave your whole body. So, charging time and how long the charge lasts are crucial factors.

  • Portability

The lady shaver should be tiny in size and portable too. You should be able to put it in your cosmetic bag so that you can take it anywhere you go. You should go camping or any trip confidently knowing everything down there is okay!

Final Verdict

If you hate razor bumps, get the best pubic hair trimmer for ladies reviewed above. All of the above-mentioned razor with trimmer work great and should meet your shaving needs from all of your bodies. It’s time to discard the disposable razors and gift yourself a lady trimmer to quickly achieve your results without any irritation and cuts.

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