FemJolie Hair Straightener Brush Reviews 2020 [With Video Testimonial]


This is the solution to straightening and smoothing your hair without drying it out every time. This straightening brush replaces several hairstyling items you don’t need since they all combine in one. And you will need everything about this charming device once you read the whole Femjolie hair straightening brush.

With this one just like thousands of happy ladies around the State, you will get instant salon quality results. And it does it without harming your precious hair. That’s the reason FemJolie has more than thousands of very high appreciation from experienced women. It will be your best friend wherever you go traveling.

Learn Details In FemJolie Hair Straightener Brush Reviews

FemJolie Hair Straightener Brush Reviews
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This device is not just a scalp massager and detangling comb, this device also releases negative ionic charge that helps promote healthy hair. The manufacturers of this product designed it to have unique features which make it suitable for use by everyone. The features of the FemJolie Hair Straightening Brush include:  

Dimension: This hair device has the following dimensions, a 360° Swivel power cord and an 11 x 2 x 3 inches hanging hook which is Small and portable. This hair straightener device weighs about 1.1 pounds. The maximum temperature at which it can heat up to is 450°F, it is also configured to have a Dual-voltage of 110-220V. Don’t forget to use a heat tamer before using it.

Colors: FemJolie comes in 5 different colors Black, Ivory, Merlot, Noir, and White.

Healthy Hair Care: a negative ionic charge is good for a healthy hair because you won’t need a lot of heat on the hair. This is what this device does; it uses less amount of heat and is great for massaging the scalp.

Custom Heat Setting: another feature we found to be unique is there is a custom temperature setting. You can set the temperature of this device to the level suitable for your hair type; short, long. Fine and natural. This device is a great choice for everyone regardless of who you are or the type of hair you have.

Quality Results: with this hair straightener device, you can experience amazing and sleek hairstyles whenever you want and you can never experience a bad hair badly.

Innovative Technology: This brush has an auto shut off feature in case it heats up than you expect. With the FemJolie hair straightener, you can make your hair at any position because of its 360-degree swivel power cord. It has a no-grip handle which makes it easy to use.

3-in-1 Design: before now you will need multiple styling tools to achieve any style you want, but with this device, you have all the tools you need in one. This brush can be used as a hair straightener, a hair massager, and a hair brush. You do not need to shop for multiple hair styling tools.


Pros  Of Femjolie Hair Straightener Brush

  • It is durable and easy to use.
  • It helps promote healthy hair and guard against static and frizzy hair.
  • It has an automatic shut off timer that prevents you from overheating the brush or hurting yourself.
  • It has a power cord that makes it easy to maneuver form whatever position you will like to style your hair.
  • It is designed for any hair texture, length and also massages the hair.
  • This brush acts like a detangling comb, hair massager, and hair straightener.

Cons  Of Femjolie Hair Straightener Brush

To make the Femjolie hair straightener brush feedback impartial, I would like to share something not pretty about it.

  • It is effective but won’t make your curls straight for a long time.

How Does the FemJolie Hair Straightening Brush Work?

The whole idea with this brush is to help you keep your natural hair the same way but smoother. This brush is easy and incredible to use, once it is plugged into power, its LCD digital display comes on and you will be able to see the temperature of the brush as it rises. You set the auto shut off feature to the temperature your hair type needs.

Once it’s at the required level for your hair, place the tip of your hair on the brush teeth. You will feel the softness of the silicone tips as they also massage your scalp. Brush your hair using the straightener, the brush and the heat will make it easy for the brush to pass through your hair easily.


The Femjolie electric hair straightener is effective and designed to have several hair styling tools in one. You can achieve any style you want using this device, you do not have to constantly battle with your existing brush. This smooth and sleek curved lines and surface brush will make your hair silky, light and stylish, giving you a smooth feeling all day long.

If you like to share your experience and add anything more to the Femjolie hair straightening brush, please let me know in the comment box. Now watch the Femjolie hair straightener brush feedback from a satisfied customer.

Hope you will find the above information helpful. Consider reading the perfecter hair brush review article, if you need to buy an all-in-one styler.

FemJolie Hair Straightener Brush Reviews 2020 [With Video Testimonial]
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FemJolie Hair Straightener Brush Reviews 2020 [With Video Testimonial]
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