How to Flat Iron Black Hair Without Damaging? [In Just 20 Steps]


If you get bored with wave hair, it’s time to try something new, so how about shiny straight black hair.  Here are 20 tips on How to flat iron your black hair with a reliable straightener effectively.

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1. Wash Your Hair

The oils and dirt that have accumulated in your hair can cause less than desirable results when ironing. So, washing your hair nicely is very important.

Also, check your hair health and ask your hairdresser to repair your damaged hair. Rich hair is the best-looking hair.

2. Black Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

If you want shiny, silky hair, treat black hair with a moderate amount of shampoo as well as a full conditioner. Use your normal shampoo to wash your hair well. Rinse your hair out of the shampoo and then apply a deep conditioner, letting it stay in your hair for the time recommended on the label, then rinse once more.

3. Do I Need To Iron Dry Or Wet Hair?

If you want to get a tolerating and straightening effect after heat styling, your hair needs to be almost or completely dry. You can use a hair towel to wrap your hair and dry it after washing.

Ironing wet hair will surely curl it. Wet hair can even hurt iron.

4. Hair Care Kit

One Hair balm and serum hair care kit should be kept so as to enhance the hair ironing process and prevent moisture that ruins your flat hair appearance.

5. When To Use Hair Oil-After Or Before Ironing?

One of the most common mistakes is using hair oil before flat ironing. If you fancy a lively hair look, a little oil will help after the hairstyling iron. Never put oil before the flat iron, this can make the process harder and longer as well.

6. Heat Too High-Harms Your Hair

Don’t forget to apply the heat protectant before you start the curling iron. As too high a heat can damage your beautiful black hair and also hurt the heat protector.

7. Choose Perfect Flat Iron

Take a look at the iron plate while shopping. You won’t make a mistake choosing ceramic, titanium or tourmaline.

Still, there are slight differences. If you want to iron your hair evenly, buy a ceramic iron. If you want to get silky hair, choose a tourmaline iron. Titanium iron tools, on the other hand, are great for thick and lively hair.

Although there is no hard and fast rule for temperature since each person’s hair reacts differently to the heat of your iron. Short or fine hair can benefit from the precision offered by a thinner flat iron. The thinner plate will be more manageable, which can lead to more effective straightening while reducing the risk of burns.

Find the flat iron that’s right for you. Different types of flat iron are used for different purposes.

8. Don’t Rush

Anyway, don’t rush when ironing your hair with the hair tool. For a lasting and successful effect, you need to be patient. Otherwise, there is no point in wasting your time on average flat ironing results.

9. How Often Can I Flat Iron Black Hair?

Well, this depends on your hair condition. If you often cut enough hair and deal with the methods I have already described. To save your black hair from any harm or damage, it’s better to stick to the schedule and do it once a week.

10. Always Set Right Temperature!

Curling irons are better with temperature adjustment, so you can actually set the temperature of your flat iron according to the general characteristics of your hair.

11. Never Start With Dry Hair

It is important to always start with a clean head of hair. Remember to always detangle your hair before it is washed, while it is a great way to get rid of any knots or curls.

12. Straighten Your Hair To Feed

Your hair sometimes added with conditioning products and argan oil. Rub a small amount on your hands and run your fingers through your hair and this will just give it enough to maintain nutrition and health.

13. Take Time

Always work on your hair in sections. Using a tail comb, make sure that all sections of your hair are well moist and completely detangled. You will get the root to the lower right by partitioning it.

It is also important to remember the brush, dry, nutrition before straightening the black curly hair, this will ensure that you achieve the best results.

14. Use Good Straightening

It is important to select a high-quality straightening that can give the wonderful results you want.

15. Prepare Your Flat Iron

Inspect the flat iron before use to make sure it is not dirty. You can effectively clean your flat iron while it is unplugged and cool it with a clean cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol. Wipe your plates with a fresh cloth and your flat iron should be ready to straighten.

16. Be Patient With The Hair On The Back Of Your Head

The hair on the back of your head is hard to see and ironing can be annoying. Divide the hair at the back of your head down the middle vertically, then pull it out on either side of your head. Now you can stand at an angle to a mirror and have a decent view of the hair you are straightening.

17. Iron The Crown Hairs Vertically To Increase Hair Volume

The hair at the top of your head (also called the crown) can be difficult to style. By pulling your hair up towards the ceiling, you will give your flat iron better access to the hair roots and improve their volume.

18. Straighten From The Bottom Layer To The Top Layer In Segments

Take your bottom layer in segments and work them from the hairline to the end, slowly sliding your flat iron along each length of hair. Repeat this process several times until you get the desired result.

19. Keep Completed Sections Away From Your Path

You can cut straightened sections of hair on the side using an alligator clip or tie. This will make it easier for you to iron each section while minimizing your risk of surfing unnecessarily.

20. Straighten The Sides Of Your Head

You will probably need to cut the top layers of hair on the sides of your head out of the way if you have not already done so. Start with the lower layer and, in smooth movements, pull your iron regularly through the segments of your lower layer until you are satisfied.


So, remember the tips before ironing your hair and be patient with the result. It takes some time to make your hair to listen to you.

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  1. tdchinges

    January 13, 2023 at 8:17 am

    I want to flat iron my curly hair, but I am worried about damaging my hair, thanks for your article, I can now flat iron my curly hair following your method


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