Best Heat Protectant For Straightening Natural Hair To Buy In 2020


Don’t ruin your hair using any ‘shitty’ heat tamer while ironing your hair. Like lots of ladies, I also ruined my hair using ‘no good’ heat tamer and learned something after suffering a long time. So, pay attention and read the article to get the best heat protectant for straightening natural hair.

3 Recommended Best Hair Protectant 

So many brands are offering heat protectant like HSI, TRESemme, and so on. The following comparison table will help you get the perfect one without spending much time on research. Later on, I will review each one of them for more details.

6 Heat Protectant For Hair Reviews

HSI Professional Thermal Protector

Best Heat Protectant For Straightening Natural Hair from HSI Professional
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For professional salon-level protection, while styling your hair, this one is the top-rated hair protectant spray so far. More than hundreds of thousands of very high positive reviews from experts & happy users, you can put your trust in HSI professional thermal protector.

It truly saves your precious hair from daily damage due to the heat stress of hair dryers, flat irons, and curling irons. HSI professional thermal protector is infused with Argan oil. The Argan oil is the miracle ingredient that penetrates the hair shaft to keep hair hydrated even with daily styling.

The heat tamer creates a smoothing hair mask with Argan oil to protect your hair from any sort of heat. Not just that, without creating any greasiness, weight, or residue, it provides silky smoothness with it’s infused Argan oil.

Even if your tresses are coarse, frizzy, or even color-treated, it’s Argan oil provides a new level of silky and sleek luxury to your tresses. Does it slow down your styling process? Absolutely not! In fact, it reduces the time by half styling your hair. It works like a charm even for your virgin natural hair extensions by keeping looks smooth, sleek and shiny.

Since the heat tamer provides Argan oil leave-in treatment, it actually provides you moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. So even if you have fine hair, it won’t weigh down your hair. After you use it, your hair will feel much softer. Here you can get a review on HSI thermal spray,

More Features & Pros of HSI Thermal Protector

  • Absolutely perfect for any type of hair like thin hair, thick hair, curly, and natural hair. Its job is to create a protectant so that your hair doesn’t get damaged from heat.
  • Never tested on animals. Absolutely cruelty-free.
  • Helps to repair split ends and damage.
  • Use a small amount each time. You can spray on your dry hair before styling or wet hair before drying. The choice is yours.
  • Proven to be helpful holding curls from a styling wand.
  • Smells good, more like baby powder.
  • Thousands of happy ladies reviewed it as the perfect heat protectant for straightening hair.

Cons of HSI Heat Protector

Even though it is a great heat tamer for natural hair for so many reasons, some women have reported some issues about it which I think you should know as well.

  • Some did not like it’s smell.
  • Some said it leaves the sticky residue.

AsaVea Organic Thermal Hair Protectant

Thermal heat protectant from AsaVea
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Just right after HSI professional thermal protector, here is another popular straightening serum. It’s made in the U.S.A and it is USDA certified organic thermal hair protector. It’s a true natural remedy to protect your hair from obvious heat while straightening your hair.

You need to tame your frizzy hair and make them shinier? AsaVea is second to none for that. It’s infused with 100% organic Moroccan Argan oil that works as the most effective heat tamer. When you apply anything like Argan oil, you don’t need to use any conditioner. The heat tamer itself is a leave-in conditioner for your hair.

AsaVea’s Argan oil absorbs within no time and gives you less frizzy and shiny hair without leaving any sort of greasiness or heaviness. This heat tamer itself is a natural source of fatty acids, Vitamin A & E. That’s the reason AsaVea users always get a firm, radiant, and soft skin always.

The gentle formula of AsaVea heat tamer has made it suitable for any type of skin including sensitive one. Also, if you are insensitive to any harsh chemical smells, it’s your right option. It has no smell but Argan oil’s natural scent which is pretty light and earthly.

AsaVea won’t make your hair oily. And thousands of repeated happy ladies use it as it smells so good and absorbs very quickly. For the price, it is really another top-quality heat tamer for relaxed hair as it worths every penny.

More features & Pros of AsaVea Heat Protector

  • For instant moisture, it is second to none. It’s true even for the dry skin as well.
  • Can be used for lots of other uses like softening brittle nails, minimizing stretch marks, healing chapped lips, etc.
  • The perfect heat protectant for straightening hair has no greasy sensation at all.
  • Just right after HSI professional, it is most popular and considered to be another great heat tamer for natural hair among ladies.

TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray

TRESemme thermal heat tamer
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Well you know about TRESemme, right? Their products are used by professionals. It has introduced this thermal heat tamer for some time and it seems a lot of ladies are in love with this other popular hair straightening spray. It effectively creates a barrier so that any heat from any sort of heat appliances can’t damage your hair.

You can’t take any chances when you have to expose your hair to heat. Before straightening your hair, it must be protected from heat generated from the hair dryer or hair iron. TRESemme heat tamer does the fantastic job protecting your hair against any damage caused by heat and friction. It makes your hair shiny and incredibly soft as well.

It helps instant transforming any kind of hair textures. Besides, it enhances the strand’s flexibility to reform and hold the shape for a long time. And that’s a verified fact by lots of long-term happy users of TRESemme heat tamer. As mentioned earlier, it is used by professionals as the most recommended heat tamer for flat ironing hair and now you can do the same at home.

The heat tamer is pretty lightweight and trust me, it won’t grease your hair at all. Lots of users said it’s a great means of getting rid of static as well. You should not have any trouble even if you are Afro-American with natural or any type of hair. For any sort of hair styling or just blow drying, it works like a charm.

Now, using the heat tamer is really easy. Just spray liberally 6-8” away from midshaft to ends. You can use it on damp hair before the blow dry, or just before flat ironing or curling, you can use it on your dry hair to protect from damaging heat.

More Features & Pros Of TRESemme Heat Tamer

  • Never tested on animals. So yes, it’s absolutely cruelty-free.
  • Won’t change your hair color.
  • No sticky or stiff feeling at all.
  • Main ingredients are Aqua, Ascorbic Acid enriched with vitamin C, Glycerin, Tocopheryl Acetate enriched with vitamin E, Biotin enriched with vitamin H, and so much useful stuff.

ArtNaturals Protective Spray against Flat Iron Heat

Heat tamer from ArtNaturals
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They call it the ‘shield’. A shield that can protect your hair from heat, sunrays, and humidity. In fact, it can recondition your hair that has already been blow dried, flat ironed and curled.

Natural herbs like rosemary, peach, ginseng re-moisturize and rehydrate your hair. There are more reasons why so many ladies call it the perfect hair straightening spray.

The Argan oil enriched 100% natural thermal shield protects your hair on the go. Just put one of it in your handbag when you plan for outdoor activities.  For your thick and unwieldy hair, it’s the perfect natural detangler. The natural leave-in conditioner will always rescue you from dry and split hair if you use it before you blow dry your hair every time.

ArtNatural has picked only such natural ingredients so that you get the perfect result in all the way possible. The rosemary extract will make your hair grow longer and stronger with it’s stimulating hair follicles. It helps to slow down the hair loss process as well. There are more…..

The peach helps to enable your hair to retain the natural and chemical applied color. It acts more like an emollient. Simultaneously, peach helps to protect your hair from all sort of pollutions, sun, and rain. The ginseng extract improves hair’s regenerating ability. ArtNatural’s  heat tamer also has the sage extract that helps to keep your hair shiny and improve texture.

The thermal heat tamer basically stops your hair becoming brittle and cracked. It also helps to restore split ends. So, the end result of using it regularly ends up giving you shiny, bouncy lustrous hair. You would be surprised how many women considered it another popular heat tamer for naturally curly hair or any types of hair you have.

More Features & Pros Of ArtNaturals Thermal Hair Protector Spraylady with stylish color hair

  • Contains 9.6 ounces in each bottle.
  • Never been tested on animals and it is totally free of paraben.
  • A product of Morocco but bottled in the U.S.A.
  • Won’t make your hair heavy or greasy. Just don’t apply too much at a time.
  • Using it with brush hair straightener will give your hair soft feeling and good smell for sure.
  • Have protein/keratin treated hair? Still good to use.
  • Acts a thermal shield leave-in conditioner.
  • Good to use before sauna to protect your hair, even it can be used on kid’s hair.
  • Sweet and flowery herbal scents.

Cons Of ArtNaturals Thermal Hair Protector Spray

  • Some said it leaves a film on the hair.
  • May create a sticky mess in special cases.

TRESemme Heat Protection Spray

TREASemme hairspray
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Again here comes the TRESemme that can protect your hair even from 450 degrees Fahrenheit while straightening. It is enriched with Keratin & Merula oil from Africa that offers 5 in1 benefits. It fights frizz, detangle hard nut to crack knots, makes your hair shiny than ever, makes hair softer, and lastly tame the pesky flyways.

Do you need to transform your frizzy hair into smooth looks? There is no alternative to heat styling. But what if you went for ironing your hair and your hair ended up even frizzier? You don’t want that, right? Well, with TRESemme expert selection heat protection spray, you have nothing to worry. It shields your hair against any damaging heat effects and seals in shine.

Not only it helps you achieve silky smooth hair, but the heat protection spray also help you get hair full of natural movement as well. In addition to that, it’s specifically formulated heat protection leaves your hair gorgeous sleek look and manageable to let you do any style with your hair. Moreover, you will get shiny hair.

The flat iron hair smoothing spray works for any type of hair that does not affect the hair color. A countless number of happy users confirmed that it makes the hair smooth and tamed especially the most dangerous lower portion of the hair.

Now, using the heat tamer is not like using Argan oil enriched heat tamer. First, you need to use shampoo and conditioner.  Then spray it on your towel-dried hair and comb through. Now you are good with styling with heat. However, when blow drying your hair, make sure the nozzle of the hairdryer is pointing downward so that you get greater smoothness easily.

Just a precaution though… Make sure this does not come in contact with your eye in any way. But even if that happens, rinse your eyes thoroughly with nothing but water.

More Features & Pros Of TRESemme Expert Selection

  • Tames messy hair effectively.
  • When buying online, it comes with a lot of options. Make sure you select the Heat Defense Option.
  • Lots of girl with curly hair said it keeps their hair smooth.
  • Lots of loyal users using it for years.
  • Smells good! I mean really good.
  • No problem of hair greasiness or stickiness.
  • Allows you to manipulate the weight of the hair and gives natural look.

Cons Of TRESemme Expert Selection

  • A very few reported having itchy rash on the skin after using this. So, if you have a skin problem, try using any other herbal heat tamer reviewed above.

Arvazallia Heat Tamer Plus with Argan Oil

Arvazallia hair spray
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This is the last best heat protectant for straightening natural hair. Arvazalia’s leave-in conditioner heat tamer is another great solution to fight against frizz and protect our hair from heat while straightening.

With it’s Advanced Lightweight Two-Layer Protection Technology, the heat tamer not only prevent breakage and split ends, it actually helps to repair existing hair damage by penetrating hair follicles. Unlike TRESemme, it is infused with Argan oil to moisturize, condition, and transform the texture of your hair. So at the end, you get soft and silky finish with the shiny look!

The professional grade heat protection spray is suitable for any type of hair like natural, permed, and curly hairs including wigs & extensions. And it effectively protects all of those hair types from obvious heat generated from ceramic or titanium flat irons, hair dryers, curling irons, and any other heat styling and drying tools.

With it’s highly effective anti-frizz and detangling agents, Arvazallia helps you the suitable way possible to eliminate frizz and develop your hair’s flexibility & manageability. Fine hair or dry hair? Still, you are good to use it the way you want it on your dry or wet hair.

However, if you are planning to have curling hair, use it on your dry hair to get the top result.

Lots of happy ladies use it for so many years and they have recommended it to their friends and families. They have confirmed the facts that Arvazallia is straight and color-treated when using the curling iron. It is confirmed by verified users of it as a zero heat damage for blow drying and flat ironing.

More Features & Pros Of Arvazallia Heat Tamer Plus with Argan Oil

  • Excellent customer service. They will be there for you whenever you need them.
  • No headache causing strong scents.
  • Perfect shaped packaging. Convenient for traveling here and there.
  • Proven to be effective even for the already damaged hair.
  • No heavy & greasy/oily feeling at all.
  • Works great as a detangler even for the kids.

Cons Of Arvazallia Heat Tamer Plus with Argan Oil

  • If you use it too much at a single time, you will have a sticky feeling.
Guide For Best Heat Protectant For Straightening Natural Hair
  • Nothing can be a great heat tamer for flat ironing unless it is infused with Moroccan Argan oil. In addition, to protect your hair, Argan oil can make your hair soft, silky, and healthy. They say if your hair could laugh it would 🙂
  • Stay away from heat tamer that makes hair greasy.
  • It’s good to have herbal ingredients over chemical.
  • Stay away from smelly heat tamer as well.
  • Once damaged, it gonna take a pretty long time and huge money to restore. So, never use any cheap heat tamer. You can’t get the perfect heat tamer for flat ironing hair at a cheap price.
Final Words On Best Heat Protectant For Flat Ironing Hair

Well, you have the 6 options reviewed above. And, I believe if you use any one of the above, you won’t regret. All of them are highly recommended not just by me, but lots of happy ladies. From the above,  just pick your perfect heat protectant for straightening natural hair, and start playing with your hair.

Best Heat Protectant For Straightening Natural Hair To Buy In 2020
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Best Heat Protectant For Straightening Natural Hair To Buy In 2020
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