Herstyler Flat Iron Reviews 2020 [Watch Video Testimonial From Users]


Herstyler is definitely the next level of hair tools brand, and their flat irons are not that much expensive what you are thinking right now. The Colorful Seasons has already won more than thousands of happy ladies across the U.S. Read the Herstyler flat iron reviews and I am pretty sure you will fall in love as well.

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Top 4 Herstyler Flat Iron Reviews

There are lots of models from Herstyler. But I am gonna cover only 4 of them. Because these 4 are most popular among all of their models. I am keeping it short so that you can make a quick decision.

Herstyler Colorful Seasons Ceramic Flat Iron

herstyler colorful seasons flatiron
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Like so many other women, do you have baby fine curly hair? You find that really hard to tame, right?

Well, lots of ladies having the same hair type have found this flat iron effective to straighten their hair. And the straightened hair stays that way for at least 4 to 5 days! Considering huge popularity, I am gonna start the Herstyler hair straightener discussion with this model.

The best part…?

It heats up so fast and all it takes 20 to 25 minutes to straighten your fine curly hair. Tremendously helpful when you have very little time to take care of your hair early in the morning. And it’s so inexpensive but definitely of high-quality.

It works great on any hair type. Ladies having naturally curly hair have verified that the flat iron makes their hair soft and shiny without using any extra hair products.  No frizzy or dried feeling whatsoever! Some of them have been living in a humid state but still, their hair remains frizz-free and straight.

You might be wondering:

“Can I do curls using this?”

Absolutely! Lots of women have verified that and the curls look gorgeous. Even better, the slender design of the flat iron lets maneuvering it easily even if you have small hands.

The really smooth true ceramic plates glide easily over your hair. No snagging! As I said above, it’s perfect for every hair types and you can adjust the heat settings as your own likings. No hair burning issues. Now, let’s watch a video feedback on Colorful Seasons from a happy lady.

More Features & Pros

  • Perfect flat iron for any hair types like dull, long or short, curly or thin, and even thick coarse hair. Adjustable temperature control and the heat can reach up to 460 degrees F.
  • Available in 5 colors.
  • Lots of women having African American hair have confirmed to have excellent styles using this one.
  • Dual-voltage flat iron. Perfect for traveling anywhere you want. Already good to go for the US plug but you need the adapter though.
  • Features negative ion technology to deliver frizz and static free hair.
  • Beveled ceramic plates let you have curls of your dream as well.
  • Endless possibilities with floating ceramic plates. Ensures even heat distribution to have silky smooth shiny hair.
  • 360 degrees swiveling cord – no tangling! Besides, the easy grip handle with this lightweight flat iron will make straightening your hair a breeze.
  • Most popular model from Herstyler with huge recommendations from professional hairstylists and happy ladies.


In addition, to know all the goodies, you need to some of its cons as well. That’s how you will get complete Herstyler straightener analysis.

  • The outside part of the flat iron gets hot. It’s problematic especially when you try to do curls.

Herstyler Ceramic 1.25 Inches Flat Iron

herstyler dual-voltage flat iron
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Durability and the effectiveness of straightening any type of hair are its specialties. It is made of composite materials that used in aerospace industry. You will see a lot of feedback saying how many drops it has survived.

Women having fine wavy hair have found this model great to straighten their hair without hair catching and the plates glide smoothly.

So many ladies having African American hair have recommended this when you need to go close to the scalp for perfect straightening without burning.

You will get the same result from a highly expensive flat iron but just for a quarter of the price. Happy ladies have left lots of Herstyler hair straightener feedback, read them as much as you can and you will also understand the quality of the straightener.

Don’t get confused seeing the huge difference between the price what you usually see in the mall. It’s the same product with the same quality and functionality.

Highly recommended by professionals to straighten hair at home to have silky smooth hair all day long. Even if you are living in a humid climate, still you will have less static and frizz free hair all day long.

Tips: If you are new to Herstyler, please be informed that it’s too hot even in the mid-range heat adjustment. So, if you have been other brands like Hot Tools but now you want to migrate to this one, start from the lowest heat settings. See how it works for you, and then gradually increase the heat as your needs.

More Features & Pros

  • Incredibly sturdy flat iron. Even after several drops on the floor mat, it has survived for so many users. Many happy women have been straightening their hair almost daily for several years using this flat iron without any problem.
  • Lots of girls have switched from Remington and Chi to this model because it delivers a better result.
  • It heats up so fast and it takes incredibly less time to straighten hair. Lots of women having waist-length hair have left feedback saying all it took 10 to 15 minutes to straighten.
  • No damage to hair, you can use it on damp hair but NOT on wet hair.
  • Consistent heat delivery at all heat settings. Suitable for any hair types including fragile and damaged. For damaged and fine hair, use only the lower heat settings.
  • Don’t let the inexpensive price fools you about its quality. It’s proven to deliver salon-quality straighten hair at home.


  • Unless you use a heat protectant and have no previous experience of using this brand, it may burn your hair with highest heat setting.

Herstyler Colorful Seasons Complete Set

herstyler complete set
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For the price, this is the best and complete hair caring sets that every woman should have. You will get a full-size hair straightener, a mini flat iron for the bangs, and curling iron. As you can see, it’s not just a Herstyler hair straightener feedback, I am gonna talk about a curling wand and mini flat iron as well.

Inexpensive but that does not mean the set is cheap. Lots of women with different hairstyles have confirmed that each of these items lasts really long and do work like charm.

Like I was saying, each of these instruments lasts long. Women having thick hair have been using this set for years. Some of them had thick curly hair and confirmed the flat iron did really straighten their hair and made it smooth and silky. Some of them had bangs and the mini flat iron worked like charm for years.

Lots of women having the static problem have found the solution after straightening their hair with the full-size straightener. No static after straightening the hair!

Being inexpensive for all the items made some ladies confused about the quality at first. But once they used it, they have recommended it to their friends and families.

More Features & Why You Should Have It

  • A great gift item for someone you care on various occasions.
  • Both of the flat irons heat up almost instantly, hence let you straighten your hair quickly.
  • Flatirons feature 100% ceramic plates, so no extra exposure to heat.
  • Dual-voltage (110v to 240v), so you will find these travel-friendly. Always stay cool anywhere you go.
  • The regular-size flat iron (1.5 inches) has adjustable heat settings, so perfect for any hair type.
  • All of the items distributes even heat and does not harm the hair.
  • Lots of repeated buyers because of outstanding performance.


I need to show you some cons in the Herstyler flat iron feedback so that you can make the right decision.

  • No adjustable heat settings for the curling wand and the mini flat iron.
  • No safety tip for the curling wand as well.

Herstyler Platinum Zebra Print Complete Flat Iron and Curling Iron Set

herstyler platinum hair tools set
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This is gonna be the last Herstyler straightener discussion and this time it’s another set of flat iron, a mini flat iron, and curling iron. The set totally worths every penny you spend. The end result will be silky smooth hair where you straighten or just love to have beautiful waves. Great gift set as well.

As it is the complete set, you will get salon-quality hairstyle anytime you want without spending so much money and time at the beauty salon. Whether you have dull, flat, or frizzy hair, the end result of using these tools is stylish and shiny hair.

The 1.25 inches full-size flat iron features floating plates to let you have flexible movement and get the desired hairstyles you want. The 0.5-inch mini flat iron is great for bangs.

More Features & Why You Should Have It

  • Whether you have ethnic hair or any other hair type, it ’s the right set for you from Herstyler.
  • If you have natural hair, only one pass from the full-size flat iron will do the magic. Besides ladies having coarse, fine, thick, and other hair types have recommended this.
  • Salon-quality results with negative ion and tourmaline heat technology.
  • Lasts really long, many have been using it for 8+ years.

Cons of Herstyler Platinum Zebra Print Set

  • If you are not careful, the wand may burn your hair. Don’t forget to wear a glove before using the wand.
  • No adjustable heat setting for the wand.

Last Words on Herstyler Straightener

Have you found the Herstyler flat iron reviews useful? It’s true that flatirons from Herstyler are a little bit costly than other brands like Infiniti Pro Conair flatirons, but they are way more high-quality than most of their counterparts. If you are in doubt which one to pick, just go for the first one I talked above. Now, I would like to show you a video from 2 girls where they are trying to make a  comparison between Chi and Herstyler. I think you will find it enjoyable.

Herstyler Flat Iron Reviews 2020 [Watch Video Testimonial From Users]
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Herstyler Flat Iron Reviews 2020 [Watch Video Testimonial From Users]
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