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What Is The Best Treatment For Hair Loss?

Hair loss is normal, but noticeable hair loss is depressing for both men and women. Most men take it easy, but a lot of women suffer a lot due to hair loss in silence. They take various steps and means to hide their thin hair. But the reality is as soon as you take preventive measures, the more it is better for your hair. While boldness is more common to men, it is pretty rare in women. But women experience hair loss just like men. Only 45% of women will…

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How To Use Hot Air Brush?

When you need to add curls to your straight hair or transform your frizzy curls into silky waves, a hot air brush can be a great tool to achieve this. I know there are lots of ways to get big bouncy hair or straighten your hair. But hot air brushes like John Frieda Hot Air Brush are considered to be safer than flat iron or curling rods. These airbrushes are also a great alternative to the hairdryer and shorten your hair styling time significantly. It dries your damp hair and…

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How to Do a Hair Glossing Treatment At Home Blog Hair Care Tips 

Learn From The Expert: How to Do a Hair Glossing Treatment At Home?

Our hair becomes dull due to many reasons like using excessive heat styling with the flat iron, environmental pollution, or simply our negligence to hair care. Also, if you color your hair often, pretty soon your hair will become less vibrant and eventually become lifeless. We love to see those glossy hairs on models we see in the magazine and have a dream to have this, right? Well if you go to a salon to have a hair glossing treatment, they will charge you around $50 or more. But with…

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straightening hair without flat iron Blog Hair Care Tips 

How To Straighten Hair Without Flat Iron (No More Heat!)?

Women have been straightening their hair long before the invention of the flat iron. It’s true that not all hair types can achieve the goal of straightening hair without a flat iron like thick curly hair, but for naturally wavy medium to fine hair – it is possible. Whenever your hairs get in touch with heat, there will be some damage to our hair even if you use a heat tamer serum. Most of the ladies believe that without the heat, it’s impossible to straighten your hair. Well, they are…

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damaged hair needs keratin treatment Blog Hair Care Tips 

What Is Protein Treatment For Hair And How To Do It At Home?

Healthy eating or more clearly, well-balanced diet that includes protein – helps our body to grow keratin. That’s how our hair gets essential protein. Foods like fish and all the sea fishes contain fatty acids, vitamin B3, iron, zinc etc. That’s all are beneficial for hair growth. But it’s so difficult to maintain such a well-balanced diet always. That’s why topical protein treatment is sometimes necessary. But, you need to first identify whether your hair needs a topical homemade protein treatment or not. When Your Hair Need Protein Treatment? As…

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woman with natural hair Blog Hair Care Tips 

Hair Stylists Tips: What To Put On Natural Hair Before Flat Ironing?

Straightened hair is a dream of every woman having natural hair. It makes women attractive and sexy! Boys do love such hairstyle. Most women often ask what to put on natural hair before flat ironing. You will get the answer in this article. It’s fairly easy to straighten your natural hair at a beauty parlor, but not so easy when you try to do it at home. You will find several horror stories where most of the girls damage their hair from excessive heat while straightening their natural hair. Well,…

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woman with synthetic wig Blog Hair Care Tips 

Can You Flat Iron A Synthetic Hair?

On different occasion and various reasons, we need to wear synthetic hair or most commonly known as the wig. Flat ironing natural hair is fairly simple and any flat iron can do it. The confusion arises when we need to flat iron our wig or synthetic hair. With some very few exceptions, yes we can flat iron synthetic hair. That being said, we need to exercise extra care while flat ironing synthetic hair. Because synthetic hair is made of plastic and hot flat iron can damage these plastic made from…

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african american hair Blog Hair Care Tips 

How to Style Naturally Curly African American Hair? [With Video Tutorial]

By nature, African American hair is dry and brittle. That troubles a lot of African American women across the U.S.A. But you can completely take care of it. You need to take gentle care of your hair and moisturize at a regular interval. You do so, and you will have beautiful black hair. Today, I am gonna share a small step by step guidelines on how to style naturally curly African American hair. Get Argan Oil Enriched Heat Tamer Before I talk about it, I need to make something clear…

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What to look for in a curling wand?

Buying the right curling wand sometimes can be very confusing and overwhelming just like buying a straightener as well. You are required to make a choice between several of these tools. It can be a very hard decision to make especially for someone who does not have an idea on the main features, pros, and cons of these tools. It is important that you understand that there are some differences in these tools and that, what might work for you may not work for me. So what should you consider…

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What is an ionic hair dryer?

If you are a woman and your flat iron, hair dryer or even the curling wand has just gotten damaged, then you are probably planning to go shopping and buy a replacement. To us women, nothing matters most as having our hairs stylishly designed and made such that it draws the attention of our friends, families, and colleagues. We mostly focus on the final results forgetting that, hair making is a process that starts from the moment we buy a designing tool. Hair industry has been evolving and with this,…

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