Wazor Hair Straightener Reviews 2020 [With Video Tutorial]


You will get 3 complete feedback on the most popular Wazor ceramic & titanium flat iron. Is it suitable for you? Why have so many girls recommended it? You will get all the answers at the end of reading Wazor hair straightener reviews.

There are many different ways to create the perfect hairstyle today. The methods and tools used are often dependent upon the look that one is trying to achieve. So, for those of you who are interested in a shiny silky straight look, here are 3 feedbacks on Wazor flat iron that you should read.

Recommended Wazor Flat Irons

Use the following comparison table to get a brief idea about Wazor flat irons. They are affordable, proven to do their job, and recommended by hair experts.

Wazor 1 Inch Ionic Ceramic Professional Flat Iron

Wazor hair straightener reviews
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In total, there will be 3 Wazor flat iron feedbacks prepared based on their popularities and users’ recommendations. This one is the most popular among all of them, so I am gonna talk about it first.


  • This Wazor flat iron is designed with Ceramic Tourmaline Coated Plates and has been made with negative ions resulting. Therefore, when used, these irons can make the hair shiny, while also preventing causing damage to the hair.
  • Great for all hair types since it has a Digital temperature control that ranges from 284℉ to 446℉.
  • Flat iron heats up extremely fast so the user can begin flat ironing their hair right away without having to wait. This flat iron also comes with an auto shut off feature that prevents damage that can potentially burn the surface of things that the user places them on.
  • Plates are designed for both curly and straight hair so it is versatile for different textures of hair.
  • Manufacturers have also included a 360-degree swivel free feature that helps to keep the hair tangle-free.  


  • Comes with a digital heat setting that is located directly on the flatiron. Therefore, the user does not have to be concerned about guessing how much heat should be used to flat iron their hair. So, this flat iron is great for both the novice and seasoned flat iron users.
  • A good quality flat iron that can be used for long time frames without malfunctioning.
  • Creates soft, smooth, and frizz-free hair that stays completely straight until it is time to shampoo the hair again.
  • Users say that this flat iron works like a charm because it is very easy for people to use and no long training curve is needed.
  • No long waits for heating things up since the irons heat up very quickly.
  • Great carrying around from place to place since it has been made for portability too.


  • Some people do not like the location of the on and off button. This is because some people prefer that the button is located on the outside instead of the inside.


Wazor Fast Heat Up 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Iron  

Wazor fast heat up straightener
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  • Wazor Flat iron 1 comes with some of the latest technologies. Professionals in the industry like using this product because of its inclusion of metal ceramics.
  • This device heats for very fasts from 15s up to 356℉. So, if the user is looking for a flat iron that they do not have to wait to use, this gadget is known for its instant heat up capabilities.
  • Ceramic Technology is ideal for the Wazor flat iron because it enables the plates in this iron to generate a potent mass of negative ions. With this type of function, the user will be pleased to know that their hair will be much smoother and healthier.
  • To make sure the user can use these flat irons without having to guess how much heat they will be placed on their hair, the manufacturers have included digital temperature controls. This temperature control feature is also made to completely shut itself automatically within 40 minutes of no activity
  • With a 3D floating plate design, the user can curl and straighten their hair with ease. This function is also meant to take care of and protect the cuticle of the hair a lot better.
  • Users can also use this device without tangling up their hair needlessly because it has been designed with the use of a 360-degree tangle-free swivel feature.
  • Not just straightening, you can curl your hair as well. Here is a tutorial on how to curl your hair using a straightener.


  • Many people like this flat iron because they achieve noticeable results. In fact, when people use this flat iron their hair will look much healthier as soon as they switch from other hair straighteners.
  • Excellent functionality for users since it comes with cool mist technology that is a very nice addition. Therefore, users are more confident in straightening the hair without the potential of burning it and experiencing other damage.
  • Users say that the flattening iron cuts the time in half. In particular, people who have long and thick hair that is difficult to tame. This information can be found in Wazor flat iron customer feedbacks.
  • Comes available with 2 styling clips and a comb.


  • Some users complain about it pulling out their hair when in use.


Wazor Dual Voltage 1 Inch Ceramic Titanium Flat Iron Hair

Wazor dual voltage straightener
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This is the last one in Wazor flat iron feedback. This flat iron has been designed with a 1 inch 3D floating ceramic titanium plate. The purpose of this type of plate is to provide the user with the smoothest surface possible. Therefore, the quality of the surface is expected to feel just like glass. Meaning the plates on this flat iron with being easy to use since it can easily easy glide its way in the process to create the perfect style for the user.

Manufacturers have made this flat iron with an ionic generator. So, it has the capability to spray negative ions first and then it will take away the positive ions from the hair. With this feature, users will not have to be concerned about preventing the creation of static electricity.

Come with a 110/220 dual voltage so that these irons can be used Worldwide. Designed with an auto shut off that is initiated automatically within 30 mins of discontinuation of usage. To fit all hairstyle types, manufacturers have provided the users with an adjustable temperature that ranges from 248F to 446F.

For ease of use and the prevention of tangles in the hair, manufacturers have designed this flat iron with a 360-degree tangle-free swivel. Comes with a handle lock as well. You can find such a model from Infiniti pro conair as well.


  • This straightener heats up quickly so the user has no delays in its usage.
  • Comes with a swivel cord.
  • Made with adjustable temperatures so users can control how much heat that goes on their hair. Meaning the heat can be turned up for thick hair and turned down in temperature for fine hair.
  • Designed for the user to ensure that it leaves back no static in the hair.
  • The user does not have to worry about the burning hair smell since the features protect the hair from damage.


  1. Some people do not like this hair straightener at all because it made their hair looks drier.
  2. The heating temperature does not get as hot as the manufacturer claims.
  3. Malfunctioned early, some users were only able to get one month of usage


Last Thought On Wazor Hair Straightener Reviews

With so many different types of flat irons on the market today, the decisions to make the right purchase can be overwhelming. However, when the buyer knows what to purchase, they can make an informed decision. So, it essential that people read Wazor flat iron feedback first to see which of the products listed above are best for their needs.

Wazor Hair Straightener Reviews 2020 [With Video Tutorial]
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Wazor Hair Straightener Reviews 2020 [With Video Tutorial]
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