How To Use Hot Air Brush?


When you need to add curls to your straight hair or transform your frizzy curls into silky waves, a hot air brush can be a great tool to achieve this. I know there are lots of ways to get big bouncy hair or straighten your hair. But hot air brushes like John Frieda Hot Air Brush are considered to be safer than flat iron or curling rods.

These airbrushes are also a great alternative to the hairdryer and shorten your hair styling time significantly. It dries your damp hair and gives you stunning hairstyles simultaneously.

Most hot air brushes are coated in ceramic to make it safe for your hair. These ceramic parts also make the hair silky and smooth. Some hot air brushes also come with the ionizing function to make your hair healthier as well.

How to Use Hot Air Brush?

Even if you have fine, brittle or color treated hair, you can use a hot air brush. Follow this in-depth step by step guide to properly use the brush:

  1. Start with Damp Hair: If you want the best result from your hot air brush, use it on your nearly dry damp hair. Use a comb to detangle your hair as well. This will make using the brush more easily for you.
  2. Warm up the brush: It is more like giving the hot air brush appropriate time to heat up at the desired heat level. Don’t rush. Many women do the mistake. They just plug in the brush and start using it. If you do so, it will take more time to style your hair or you will end up having uneven hairstyles. You should use the brush only when the brush reaches the desired heat level.
  3. Create Sections: In this stage, you should separate your hair into manageable sections. Do not use the brush until you sections off your hair. Sectioning hair will ensure that the hot air brush does not apply to the thin strand and damage it. It may lead to hair breakage as well. Start making sections at the back of your head and then up to the top of the head. You should try to make the sections relatively of equal size to get the best result.
  4. Start Brushing: After you are done sectioning off your hair, your hot airbrush should be ready by this time to be used. Apply the brush from to root to the tip of your hair. Do this to each section. Brush your hair gently. A good hot air brush should need only one brush to each section.
  5. Create Volume: Some women like to create volume or add extra volume to their hair. You can use volumizing spray before applying the hot air brush or use the VOLOOM hair straightener.
  6. Cool Down the Brush: Almost every hot air brush has a ‘cool shot’ but to cool the brush immediately. Using the hot air brush should end with cooling down as well. After you have wrapped your hair around the brush for around 5 seconds, use the ‘cool shot’ button before you pull the brush out.

Can Hot Air Brush Damage Your Hair?

To answer shortly, no, a hot air brush can’t damage your hair if you use it properly. Every airbrush or heated hair styling tools comes with the manual from the manufacturers. You should follow the manual properly. Hot air brush is considered to be safer than curling iron/ flat iron. Because they don’t hold your hair between the heated plates.

Hot air brush is a great alternative to the traditional flat iron or other hair styling tools. You can use it directly on your damp hair. But be 100% sure to select the right temperature for your hair type. Also, don’t forget to use any good heat protectant before applying the hot air brush.

Wrapping It Up

I believe you have liked the step by step guide on how to use the hot air brush. This guide is prepared based on hairstylists’ recommendations. So, you can follow it without any fear. Let me know if you want to know anything more about it or add anything extra to this guide in the comment box.

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