How To Create Hair Flips With A Curling Iron?


If you’ve ever admired those effortlessly stylish hair flips and wondered how to achieve them, then look no further. This article will guide you through the steps on creating those gorgeous hair flips with the help of a curling iron. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this simple yet effective technique will have you rocking those bouncy, voluminous hair flips in no time. Say goodbye to flat hair and hello to fabulous locks with this easy-to-follow tutorial. So grab your curling iron and let’s get flipping!

How To Create Hair Flips With A Curling Iron?

Choosing the Right Curling Iron

When it comes to creating hair flips with a curling iron, choosing the right one is essential. The first thing to consider is the barrel size. The size of the barrel will determine the size of your curls or flips. If you prefer loose, relaxed flips, opt for a larger barrel size. On the other hand, if you want tight, defined flips, go for a smaller barrel size.

Another important factor to consider is the material of the curling iron. Different materials can have different effects on your hair. For those with fine or delicate hair, a ceramic or tourmaline curling iron would be a good choice as they distribute heat more evenly and reduce the risk of damage. For those with thick or coarse hair, a titanium curling iron would provide better heat conductivity and help create long-lasting flips.

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to choose a curling iron with adjustable heat settings. This allows you to customize the heat according to your hair type and desired style. Lower heat settings are usually recommended for fine or damaged hair, while higher heat settings can be used for thicker or harder-to-curl hair.

Preparing Your Hair

Before you start creating those fabulous hair flips, it’s important to prepare your hair properly. Start by washing your hair and ensuring that it is completely dry. Curling damp or wet hair can lead to damage and uneven results. If you don’t have time to wash your hair, make sure it is clean by using dry shampoo or a clarifying spray.

Applying a heat protectant is also crucial to prevent damage from the curling iron’s heat. Look for a product specifically designed to protect hair from heat styling tools. Apply it evenly throughout your hair, focusing on the ends which are more prone to damage.

Brushing out any tangles is another important step in hair preparation. Use a wide-toothed comb or a brush with flexible bristles to gently detangle your hair. This will ensure that the curls or flips are smooth and free from any knots or tangles.

How To Create Hair Flips With A Curling Iron?

Sectioning Your Hair

To create neat and even hair flips, it’s important to section your hair properly. Divide your hair into manageable sections using clips or hair ties. Start by parting your hair down the middle, separating it into two equal sections. Then, divide each section into smaller sections, depending on the thickness of your hair and the size of the flips you want to create.

Once you have divided your hair into sections, secure each section with hair clips to keep it out of the way while you work on one section at a time. This will help you achieve precise and uniform flips throughout your hair.

Creating Hair Flips

Now that your hair is prepped and sectioned, it’s time to start creating those gorgeous hair flips. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve the perfect flip:

  1. Begin with a small section of hair to ensure better control and avoid overwhelming yourself.

  2. Hold the curling iron diagonally, with the barrel pointing downwards and the clip facing towards your body.

  3. Take the small section of hair and wrap it around the barrel, starting from the mid-lengths and leaving the ends out for a more natural look.

  4. Hold the hair around the barrel for a few seconds, depending on your hair type and heat setting. Be careful not to keep it in for too long to avoid overheating or damaging your hair.

  5. Release the curl from the iron by carefully unwrapping it and allowing it to loosen naturally.

  6. Repeat these steps on different sections of your hair until you have achieved the desired number of flips.

How To Create Hair Flips With A Curling Iron?

Enhancing Hair Flips

To take your hair flips to the next level, there are a few techniques you can try. Adding texture and volume can make your flips more dynamic and eye-catching. Here are some tips to enhance your hair flips:

  1. Use a texturizing spray or volumizing mousse before curling your hair to add extra volume and texture. Apply it to the roots and mid-lengths of your hair for best results.

  2. Once you have curled your hair, gently comb through the curls with your fingers to separate them and create a more tousled and natural look.

  3. To set your flips and ensure they last all day, spray a light-hold hairspray evenly over your hair. This will help keep the curls in place without making them stiff or crunchy.

Hair Flipping Techniques

The direction in which you flip your hair can create different looks and styles. Depending on your preference or the occasion, you can experiment with different techniques. Here are some hair flipping techniques you can try:

  1. Flipping away from the face: This technique creates a more open and voluminous look by flipping the hair away from the face. Start by wrapping the hair around the barrel in the opposite direction of your face.

  2. Flipping towards the face: Flipping the hair towards the face can create a softer and more romantic look. Wrap the hair around the barrel in the same direction as your face.

  3. Flipping alternate sections: For a modern and edgy look, try flipping alternate sections of your hair away from and towards the face. This will create a cool contrast and give your flips a unique twist.

  4. Flipping the ends only: If you want a subtle and understated flip, you can focus on flipping just the ends of your hair. This technique works well for shorter hair or if you want to add a touch of movement to your hairstyle without too much volume.

How To Create Hair Flips With A Curling Iron?

Tips for Long-Lasting Hair Flips

To ensure that your hair flips stay intact throughout the day, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Always apply a heat protectant before styling your hair with a curling iron. This will minimize heat damage and preserve the health of your hair.

  2. Avoid using too much product, especially on fine or thin hair. Excessive product can weigh down your flips and make them look flat or greasy.

  3. Allow your curls to cool fully before touching or styling them further. This will help set the shape and ensure that your flips last longer.

  4. Avoid excessive brushing or combing your curls. This can cause them to lose their shape and become frizzy or unruly. Instead, use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to gently separate and style your flips.

Hairstyling Tools for Hair Flips

While the curling iron is the most popular tool for creating hair flips, there are other options you can try to achieve different effects. Here are some hairstyling tools you can use:

  1. Curling iron: The classic choice for creating flips, a curling iron is versatile and allows you to control the size and shape of your curls or flips.

  2. Curling wand: Similar to a curling iron, but without the clamp, a curling wand can create more natural-looking flips and give you more flexibility in styling.

  3. Hot rollers: If you prefer a softer, more natural flip, hot rollers can be a great option. They provide gentle heat and allow the flips to set while you go about your morning routine.

How To Create Hair Flips With A Curling Iron?

Troubleshooting Hair Flip Mishaps

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, hair flip mishaps can occur. Here are some common issues and how to address them:

  1. Fixing frizzy curls: If your flips appear frizzy or unruly, try applying a small amount of anti-frizz serum to your fingertips and lightly run it through the curls. This will help to tame flyaways and create a smoother, more polished look.

  2. Reviving flattened curls: If your flips have lost their bounce, spritz them lightly with water or a curl refreshing spray and scrunch them gently with your hands. This will help reactivate the curls and bring back their shape.

  3. Reshaping uneven curls: If you notice that your flips are uneven or have different sizes, you can use a curling iron or wand to reshape them. Simply wrap the problematic curls around the barrel and hold them for a few seconds to redefine their shape.


Creating hair flips with a curling iron can add movement, volume, and style to your hair. By choosing the right curling iron, properly preparing your hair, and following the step-by-step techniques, you can achieve beautiful flips that will turn heads wherever you go. Remember to experiment with different techniques and tools to find the perfect look for your hair type and personal style. With a little practice and some creativity, you’ll be flipping your way to fabulous hairstyles in no time!

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