How To Crimp Hair With Flat Iron? [Instructional Video Included]


Although straight hair has gained popularity than curly hair as fashion in recent decades, curls are not out of style anymore. The 80s are returning and the curls of all kinds that populated that incredible decade are also returning.

However, what is not coming back is the taste for permanent ones, which, besides being expensive, slow and cumbersome for those who do them. Also, they involve a lot of chemicals that can damage the hair a lot. Temporary curls are easy to create and maintain. You don’t need a curling iron to have curls now.

Here’s how to crimp hair with flat iron easily. We still advise you to use a straightener that does not damage the hair to avoid any problems.

How To Crimp Hair With A Flat Iron?

How To Crimp Hair With Flat Iron

Curling your hair with an iron is one of the simplest and most effective options. They give us the possibility to choose if we want an interesting saving of the domestic economy in the hairdresser and offers some clear advantages over other methods. The curl is not permanent and depending on how we use the plates; we can do many different hairstyles without changing the tool.

Although curling hair is possible with any straightener, we must take into account that there are plates specifically indicated for curling hair. they are basically of three types:

  • Tubular plates, which are used the same as flat ones, but which are adapted to the curl curve.
  • Shaping plates, which often have accessories for different types of curling.
  • Flat irons for straight hair that incorporate accessory moulds for moulding.

However, since the iron that most people have is the flat one, we will focus on the use of this type of device.

Some Cautionary Measures

Before you start with the beauty tips, the first thing to keep in mind is that the iron will be hot. That means that you have to be careful not to burn yourself. Also, you have to observe certain precautions to avoid damaging the hair, such as-

  • not stopping in a single strand of hair more than necessary
  • apply some type of thermal protector on the hair before using
  • ask another person for help for the back of the head, especially if you have long hair.
  • It is also better to use ceramic plates instead of metal ones, which heat up much more.

Use hair products like thickening mousse before starting the procedure to protect the hair from damage.

Steps To Curl Your Hair With A Straightener

To curl your hair with an iron, you only need:

  • Flat iron
  • Thermal protector
  • Hair comb.
  • Gloves (not to burn yourself)

First of all, take good care and treat the hair since the use of iron can lead to several hair problems, such as dry hair. Therefore, you should wash your hair thoroughly, dry it and apply a protective hair product so that the heat of the iron does not affect you.

Brush your hair thoroughly and divide it into sections, so that it is easier to curl your hair.

Take a strand and roll it in the iron. if you have long hair it will be easy for you and any flat iron will help you. If instead, you have a medium hair, the option of a normal straightener may not work for you and a specific flat iron is better to create Curls.

Once you have rolled the strand well, let the iron act for a few seconds and release it.

You must repeat the process lock by lock depending on those in which you have divided the hair.

Once you’re done and if you don’t touch anything, you’ll see your curly hair, but if you want those curls to become waves, brush your hair, and you can stretch your curls.

Decide Which Curls To Get

Finally, you have to decide what type of curl you want to create since there are different options:

  • Ripple at the ends: Starting at medium height (on the ears in half mane, on the nape in long hair), hold the iron closed on a lock of hair and rotate it on itself until the hair forms a U. Then slide the iron towards the tip of the hair in that same position. You will have more or less pronounced waves depending on the speed of the movement.
  • Ringlets: Taking each strand from the tip, turn the iron on itself until the entire strand is screwed. In this case, the iron can be kept slightly open so that the heat also passes to the surrounding hair. Put the iron upright and slowly release the hair.
  • Slight ripples: With a small iron or flat tongs, take each strand repeatedly at a different height and turn the iron with the hair caught each time. The hair will be slightly marked in the areas where pressure has been applied and smooth in the rest. This modality is best in short straight hair or medium hair.
  • Curls in all the hair: Taking each strand from the root, hold the iron closed and turn it on itself as it has been done by undulating the tips. Then slide the iron gently, so that the hair takes the desired shape. The slower we slide, the more marked the curl will be.

To sublimate your hairstyle, you can either apply foam for waving to allow the curl to hold longer or only lacquer. Also, remember to tilt your head down and give your curls relief. Do not touch your hair too often to prevent the curls from falling out. Now you no longer need a curling iron anymore!

From here, everything is to experiment. Rotate the iron more or less, tighten it more or less, move more or less quickly. It will create curls of different sizes and consistency. Depending on the type of hair, you may need lacquer or fixative for the curl to take shape or to hold curly. Apply it before passing the iron, not after and you can now go to makeup. Now watch the instructional video.

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