Are Hand Tied Extensions Bad For Your Hair?


Hi beautiful… Wait, let me guess what brought you here??? Of course, the article is about hair extensions but the root cause is your hair volume and for that, you are wondering—are hand tied extensions bad for your hair?

Yes… We all wish blessed hair; you know during that TONSURE ceremony if I had the brains to ask for anything I would have wished for forever gorgeous voluminous hair.

But, let me remind you of the fact, not all wishes come true (as if life doesn’t remind us every day!). Gosh! Me and my sadist puns.

We have evils like genetics, bad diet, our super cool polluted environment, and what not to damage our dreamlike hair. I so wish the return of the purified Christ era back!

Let us try to simplify and understand the usage of hair extensions, hand-tied extensions, and their effects.

Are Hand Tied Extensions Good For Thin Hair?

are hand tied extensions bad for your hair

If you are perplexed over the nagging question, are hand-tied extensions good for thin hair or not? Feed your perplexing question with a strong yes.

Hair extension can be added to your natural hair in different ways also there are various effects of weaves, such as- volume, length, and adding color too.

Here’s a confession, when I was just in my teenage, and clueless about what is in the market and what is to be done.

I had no idea when it comes to coloring apart from highlights, extensions are also an option, duh!!

Hair weaves come in different materials, prices, and lengths, etc. the price can differ depending on the length and quality of the extension.

Hand-Tied Extensions: They That Promising?

All of you who are into hair extensions must have heard the term hand-tied extensions.

If not, then too I can bet you must have come to access this term once in your lifetime, either here in a show or any reel or friends or just on a random blog.

But, let us again get our basics correct.

What is all this hype about hand-tied extensions??? The true beauty of Hand Tied extensions lies in their origination.Hand-tied extensions implies attaching artificial hairs to your natural hairs”

Hand-tied extensions do not use any glue or heat; they are hand-sewn into the hair.

After getting your extensions removed there won’t be any heat damage or any kind of residue left in there. In and out fresh!

What is the sign of a good hairstylist? well, for me and almost all of us is- Your stylist will treat your natural hair with extreme care to ensure there is no pulling or discomfort.

Platinum seamless hair extension is one of the best painless and ingenious extensions available in the market.

The results are so natural that even your artificial hair extensions feel like real hair, so light and natural. a white lie, lol.

Here Is Your Step-By-Step Briefing

Your hair will be separated into sections, and smaller sections will be divided from your previous section of hair.

Then they will slip small silicone-lined beads carefully onto the hair and secure them in place/ the smaller sections which created a framework for your to-be added weaves.

Now, the curtain-like rows of hair are attached to the segment of beads.

To avoid putting too much weight on your sections, your stylist is going to create a secure and even base for the hair.

Told ya, it’s painless. How many rows of hair you will require completely depends on your natural locks, for example- how thick it is, how long it is, and so on. Amount of hair is needed according to hair types.

After the completion of the (correct) application, it’s impossible to tell the difference. Absolute magic!

Hair Loss From Hand-Tied Extensions

Now for the second part, Will it damage your hair? or will you experience hair loss from hand-tied extension? 

Gingles!!! Nope, it won’t. As I mentioned before there are various extensions available in the market.

Machine wefts which can be thicker and therefore heavier can often pull down on the hair. Ouch!

Hair Tied Hair Extension Pros And Cons

hand-tied extensions

Although, Hair extensions are not less than a miracle to give you immediate access to longer, stronger, and healthier hair.

It certainly has some down points which you need to know before you make up your mind to get hair tired extensions on your hairs.


  • Hand-tied weft comes in two Lengths- 18-20 inches, or 22-24 inches.
  • As long as you’ve opted for 100% Platinum Seamless extensions or Remy human hair you can even style your extensions without damaging them
  • Your normal days will be as normal as ‘the normal’. Your hair extension will go undetected even in your usual style.
  • You can customize your extensions
  • Reusable
  • Without excessive heat, they can last up to one year


  • It’s not a permanent solution to get healthy voluminous hair.
  • It limits your hairstyle options.
  • It hangs on your natural hair consequently it can cause extensive hair fall and headache.
  • If it is not washed properly it can get infected with bacteria.

How to Maintain Hand Tied Extensions?

hand-tied extension on salon

I know you know, but even if there is someone who’s not aware of exactly what hair extensions are exactly what its name suggests.

It’s also well known as waves and artificial hair, it adds length and fullness to human hair. Hair extensions are used by clipping, glue and sewn with humans synthetic hairs.

Using the hand-tied extension on short hair not only makes them longer but also changes overall appearance by adding a stunning charm to your face.

Now, follow the below-mentioned tips to maintain your beloved hand-tied extensions:

  • Conditioning: your extensions do like your natural hair but have to take care of them.  Hair extensions do not lose their artificial conditioning but to make them softer and smooth leave in conditioner considered to be the best option.
  • Brushing:  brushing around the beads or weaves of your extensions, you should use a boar bristle brush at least twice a day to avoid tangles and messy-looking hair.
  • Drying Your Hair: breakage can happen as the weight of the wet extensions can damage your roots. Do not air-dry your roots after a wash. Also, your hair extension would be better off if you don’t sleep in with wet hair. Yes, blow-dry these before you go to bed.
  • Upkeep: even after adding extensions our natural hair growth keeps happening, the weaves come down as your natural hair grows. It can be brought up to the natural hair roots every 5-6 months.
  • Hair straightening creams: as mentioned before if you are using Platinum seamless hair extensions you can style your hair. To avoid damaging your hair and properly settle your styling finish it using a hair straightening cream.

Well, you wouldn’t need extensions if one originally had a good amount of hair. therefore, let us also spend some time reading about ways to regrow your hair:

  • Massage

Massaging your scalp tends to increase the blood flow and stimulates the scalp which could add to the thickness of your hair.

Take time and massage your hair (pamper yourself, darling). It can also help release stress and tension.

Massage encourages hair growth and thickness. Now, what can you massage onto your hair?

Well, coconut oil, almond oil, onion juice. Onion juice promotes rapid hair growth. I guess we have our next title: how to apply onion juice on hair. lol.

  • Aloe vera

History says, yes history, says aloe vera has long been used to treat hair loss. Aloe vera is also known for its soothing abilities and it also helps condition the scalp.

It’s also used to reduce dandruff and control oil secretion in the scalp. Yala greasy hair. Pure aloe vera gel can be directly applied to hair more than twice a week or you can use hair products that include aloe vera.

  • Nutrients

The drastic decline of your hair density can be linked to your hairs not getting indispensable nutrients.

Yes nutrients, You got it absolutely right my friend. Zinc, protein, biotin, iron, and fatty acid are integral parts of healthy strong hair.

If you’re experiencing utmost hair fall. It simply indicates that your hair is craving nutrients. If your diet doesn’t allow you to fulfill the nutrients deficiency that your hair strongly needs.

Supplements will always be there for you.

  • Stress management

Seems nonsensical right! But actually, stress is directly linked to the problem you are facing with your hair. When one’s experiencing prolonged stress their hair follicles go into downtime and they simply stop growing.

As a result, existing hair becomes fragile and starts to fall off. So the natural cycle of hair growth messes up completely.

Now you know how important stress management really is for healthy volumized hair. Do whatever helps you to lower your stress level. It can be a good laugh, meditation, exercise whatever makes you feel happy just do it.

  • Red ginseng

Sounds unfamiliar, right. So was for me. Let’s get acquainted with a powerful Korean herb that has proven efficacy to promote hair growth.

Red ginseng stimulates hair dermal papilla cells to regulate hair growth. And revitalize hair follicles to restore hair growth.

So you my pal. I got the lingering question in your mind. Using ginseng is effortless. Either you can apply red ginseng paste topically on the scalp or can take supplements of it.

Now, watch this video to learn the impact of hand-tied extension on your hair.


So, are hand-tied extensions bad for your hair? I think you got your answer!

That was all, but the hair extension is a choice, one doesn’t need to have less hair, one can purely try it on as a means of fun. We hope you enjoyed reading and hope to see you again, Thank you.

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