For Newbie FAQ: What is Straightening Balm?


So, the extra long hot showers, the not brushing your hair before washing it, the flat iron…these habits of ours are causes of frizz, one of our worst nightmares. In these instances, a hair replenisher would be likely for a neater and more controlled look that can not only resist frizz but the irritating humidity and flyaway hair as well.

A straightening balm is the ultimate hair straightener, especially for those ladies with wavy and curly hair, to provide a straightened finish, effectively and efficiently without having to use a hair damaging flat iron.

With a quality straightening balm, you are sure to provide your hair the proper nutrients for quality straightening and thermal protection of 450-degree temperature. Your hair will reward you with a sleek and shiny appearance and your unwanted frizz will disappear like a magic trick.

A quality hair straightener heat protectant can work wonders! Below, you will discover which ingredients are included in a valued hair straightening balm to give you that ultra-straight and silky smooth looking hair:

Ingredients of Straightening Balm

  • Soybean Phospholipids – Fights frizz by locking out humidity
  • Smooth’n Oil Blend – Provides shine
  • Shea Butter – Restores natural moisture
  • Marshmallow Root Extract – Softens and prevents itchy scalp
  • Soy Protein – Provides moisture retention

Works most effective after a shampoo and condition. If applied properly, your hair will result in a brilliant finish. If you are new to this treatment and curious as to how it is applied, it is simple, and you should not be discouraged, not even partially. Here is a quick simplified instructional.

How to Apply (You will need: the application, a hair brush and a blow dryer)

  1. After shampoo and condition, apply a small amount of the balsamic resin into your hair, by way of palms, and work it in from head to tips of the hair, applying an even amount throughout. A little bit goes a long way.
  2. Once applied, use hair brush to apply more evenly.
  3. Divide hair into multiple sections.
  4. Utilize your blow dryer. It is a heat activated product. Start the blow drying process by beginning from the lower sections and working up to the higher sections. While blow drying, brush hair, starting from your head down to the tip of your hair.
  5. Continue blow drying process until hair is completely dry. Then use your straightener and if you have really thick curly hair, you should use a titanium coated hair straightener

Walla! The complete process is done! You are now ready to rip the runway, hit a night out in town or attend that military ball. This is a celebrity’s secret to shiny hair! Usually, lasts for about 96 hours and keeps your desired hairstyle in place (Brazilian blowout, straight locks, soft boho twist, etc.)

Note: Go for the straightening balm that does not include any alcohol. This way your hair follicles won’t swell. Smooth hair follicles are known to reflect more light – according to celebrity hairstylist, Martyn Maxey.

As compared to a flat iron, that causes your hair to fall flat and burns it out, a straightening balm is as or more effective, when it comes to hair straightening, without such disadvantages and leaves a pleasant scent, in addition, afterward.

If you are looking for a better hair straightener solution, than a flat iron, that not only straightens hair but prevents frizz, humidity, and flyaways, as powerful as basil repels houseflies and mosquitoes, straightening balm is your castle key.

With a straightening balm, you are sure to experience temporary straightening satisfaction without the need to go permanent. Pick your tube up at your local retailer! Do not go another day with a hair full of frizz!

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