Pro Tips: How to brush your hair for 360 waves?

360 degree hair style
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My best pick for short hair will have to be the 360 waves also commonly known as 360s. It always looks great and I had to try it out myself.

Yes, it took me ten weeks to be completely done and it looked awesome, which made it worth the time and wait.

Today I am here to let you know that you could also get 360 waves and still look beautiful. Below is a step by step guide on how you will have 360 waves on your hair just using a brush.

Yeah, you only need a brush as your main tool and a little bit of patience.


Wash your hair with shampoo

You really need to prepare your hair and ensure it is in good condition. Use scalp shampoo and thoroughly clean your scalp.

Get a haircut

For you to get awesome 360 waves your hair needs to be relatively short. Visit a barber or hairdresser and get it cut down on the grain to about 0.8 cm or a third of an inch. You could also simply just get the traditional Caesar cut. You could also get a razor style cut, which is basically horizontal lines at the bangs.

Get a hairbrush

As I said earlier the main tool you are going to need is actually a hairbrush. Ensure you get a man’s hand hairbrush. Yes, the 360 waves have been done by men for a while now and their hairbrush is better suited for this job. Also get hair lotion, you could simply use pink lotion which I am sure most of the women are familiar with.

One final critical element is a spandex or nylon du-rag or just simply a stocking cap. Ensure it is tight enough to fit your head and press your hair down.

Develop a brushing routine

Once you have washed your hair with shampoo and applied pomade and lotion, you should start brushing your hair down and start with the top of your head. Consider having a good quality brush, something like John Frieda Hot Airbrush.

After a while, you should move on to brushing your hair towards your eyes and on the sides, brush it forward, but downwards as though you are moving towards the chin.

Now brush the back of your head going down towards your neck. In all these steps you really need to imagine you have a crown right on top of your head and that you are working on it.

Continue brushing outwards until you are able to go all the way around your entire head. It is time-consuming but trust me, the final result is very much worth your time.

The key point when brushing is that you should strive to ensure you do it evenly on your entire head. You don’t want part of your head completely waved when some other parts are not finely done. Most people neglect the back of the head, make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

Wear the du-rag

As I stated earlier you should ensure it is tight and that it will hold your hair in position. Immediately when done brushing, carefully wear your du-rag and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. When you go to bed at night ensure you wear a du-rag to keep your hair in place and maintain the waves.

Keep getting cuts

Just ensure that during this regular cuts, your hair is never cut against the grain. This basically means it should never be cut against the direction in which you have been brushing your hair.

Maintain the routine

Making 360 waves takes time and you really need to exercise patience. It will take you up to three or four months. Ensure you stick to the routine and do it every day until you get the waves you want and reach the desired amount of curling.


360 waves are beautiful and women can have them too, and just not men. I know mine looks beautiful and I feel lovely and they are quite easy to maintain. If you want 360 waves just follow the steps above and you won’t be disappointed. When it comes to beauty we need to take a few chances here and there.

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