Can You Flat Iron A Synthetic Hair?


On different occasion and various reasons, we need to wear synthetic hair or most commonly known as the wig. Flat ironing natural hair is fairly simple and any flat iron can do it. The confusion arises when we need to flat iron our wig or synthetic hair. With some very few exceptions, yes we can flat iron synthetic hair.

That being said, we need to exercise extra care while flat ironing synthetic hair. Because synthetic hair is made of plastic and hot flat iron can damage these plastic made from synthetic hair. Again, there is some heat-resistant synthetic hair, and flat ironing them is not a problem at all.

Today I will show you a very easy to follow method on how to flat iron a synthetic hair. So, sit tight and stay with me.

Straightening Synthetic Hair With Flat Iron

You need some tools to achieve this. You must have a quality flat iron. If you already don’t have one, consider buying any model from Hot Tools Straightener. You also will be in need of a hair dryer if your synthetic hair is wet.

  1. You need to have dry synthetic hair to straighten them first. If you have just washed your wig, use the hair dryer to completely dry them. Make sure to set the temperature of the hair dryer not more than 250 degrees F. Anything above will damage the synthetic hair while blow drying.
  2. If you regularly use the synthetic hair, it’s highly recommended that you buy a styrofoam wig head. It can make the flat ironing synthetic hair so much easy for you. Styrofoam wig head is widely available in your nearby costume shop and they are so cheap.
  3. You should buy a wig stand as well to put the styrofoam wig head. Considering you have put the head on the wig stand, now place your synthetic wig overt the wig head.
  4. Use a teething comb to detangle the synthetic hair first.
  5. Then set the normal temperature for the flat iron. The temperature should be something like what you set for your natural hair. Considering your flat iron has the right temperature set up, you are ready to straighten your synthetic hair.
  6. You must go slow in this step. Take a strand from the synthetic wig and start straightening at the bottom of the strand.
  7. Now straighten the whole middle portion of the hair just like what you did in step 3.
  8. It’s time to straighten the top section of the wig. Carefully straighten the top section and you are done!

Yes, straightening the synthetic hair is done, but your work does not end here. You need to leave your wig untouched for at least 5 to 6 minutes so that they can dry completely.

Don’t forget to use hair setting spray to keep the synthetic hair in the same position. And if you want to add volume to your synthetic hair, normal flat iron won’t work. You may consider buying volumizing iron from Voloom. Now, watch a YouTube video on how to straighten synthetic hair.

Last Words

Straightening your hair is not as easy as flat ironing your natural hair. Without using the flat iron, you can use the watering method as well to flat iron your synthetic wig. I will write about it in the future. Till then, enjoy your synthetic hair!

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