How To Clean Hair Brushes And Hair Dryer With Vinegar?


Hey there! Now, ladies, we all know your drama and troubles when it comes to your hair and how you care for it. You use your various hair styling tools day in and day out (you know, your hair dryers, curling iron, flat irons, the works), but have you ever noticed how dingy they get over time? I’m guilty over in this corner!

With my curly, thick, red hair, it doesn’t take much for even my hair brush and comb to be in need of a good cleaning. If you have the same hair issues, so to speak, then you have come to the right place.

We are going to explore the many miracles that come with using vinegar as the key ingredient for your cleaning solution, particularly for your hair straighteners, hair dryers, hair brushes, and even in your own shampoo!

So, let’s DIY our way to clean hair tools and appliances one small step at a time.

Cleaning Your Hair Straightener

Now, if you’re like me, you will know that about 85 percent of the time, thick and curly hair does not do well with a flat iron. In fact, my entire middle school era consisted of my 14-year-old self-trying desperately for 2 hours to get my hair as perfectly straight and frizz free as possible.

Let’s just say it didn’t go well most of the time, and it left my flat iron super gunky and gross with the leftover product and other things. I wish I would have known this awesome DIY solution back in the day, as it is super simple and easy to make.

All it takes is just a small solution mix of vinegar and a touch of baking soda (not too much to cause a reaction!). The most important thing to remember when cleaning your flat iron is to make sure your solution only goes on the plates of the appliance; You don’t want anything to get ruined electrically that ends up killing it for good.

Just gently rub the solution onto the plates with your fingers, and simply wipe off any extra solution with a damp rag or paper towel. Your straightener will look and feel like brand new in no time at all!

Cleaning Your Hair Dryer

I don’t use my blow dryer as often as I’m sure many of you all do because my hair would look like a bomb went off in my face. However, when I do use my hair dryer, I use it with a diffuser to calmly blow dry my locks.

Just like with my straightener, the end of my hair dryer and even the diffuser piece can get that same build up of product. With that said, Cleaning your hair dryer has to be more of a cautious venture because of the technicality of the appliance.

So, let’s dive into it! Cleaning the inside of your dryer cannot be done with a vinegar solution as it would ruin it (obviously), but to clean the outer part of the nose end of your dryer and any attachment pieces you may use, you can follow the same concept and solution mix as with the straightener cleaning.

With a swipe of a damp cloth afterward, you will be blow drying your hair with the cleanest appliance around!

Cleaning Your Hair Brush

Let’s be real for a minute here — hair brushes can be one of the most disgusting things we use in our hair every day. Think about it for a moment; We run our brushes like Perfecter or any brand through our hair each morning, collecting all the nasty hairs and other snarls that collect while we sleep.

Then they sit in our brushes for an undetermined amount of time as we continue to use that same brush day in and day out. Gross, right? Well, lucky for all of us, there are simple solutions for cleaning and maintaining our hair brushes in pristine condition.

First things first, in order to deep clean your brush, it’s best to get as much of the nasty hair off as possible. The trick that I often use to get the hair off is to cut it with scissors in small sections and then pull off those big sections your have created with a comb or just your fingers. Once the hairs are cleared off the brush, you’ll want to mix a half cup of vinegar and a half cup of warm water into a bowl or larger cup.

You will let your brushes, and combs, if you wish, soak in that solution for at least a half hour. Then let them dry, and they will be good as new!

Some hairbrushes like John Frieda are actually a combo of brush and blow dryer. So,  the same cleaning won’t work.

Washing Your Hair With Vinegar Shampoo

A word up front, this DIY shampoo solution may not be for everyone, and I wouldn’t use it on your hair every day when showering, considering that it can be damaging for your hair to wash it every day regardless. So with that said, let’s take a look at this solution for cleaning your hair with vinegar.

This actually comes in a two-part solution type mix, beginning first with a baking soda solution consisting of 1 part baking soda with 3 (or 4 depending on your preference) parts water. You will lather this part of the solution into the scalp region of the hair, trying your best to avoid the ends as much as possible. This part of the solution helps with treating the oiliness of your hair in between washes.

Once you have rinsed out the baking soda portion of the solution, you will begin to add the vinegar mix, which consists of 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water. You will apply this solution beginning at the scalp once again, letting it works its way through your hair and rinse with cold water after a few minutes.

If you don’t want to smell the sometimes overwhelming scent of the vinegar, you can always try using apple cider vinegar or mix the regular white vinegar with essential oils. This baking soda/vinegar solution will help to draw out the toxins in your body that are put in there by your old shampoos and care products that you use, but it can take some time for your hair to show the results that you are looking for, just as a heads up.

There you have it! We have completed our list of the various ways to clean and renew your multiple hair appliances and even revitalize your own head of hair. I hope that these DIY solutions prove to be helpful when out to the test, and that they come in handy in your own homes!

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