How To Curl Shoulder Length Hair With A Flat Iron?


You will be amazed knowing how many different kinds of curls you can do with your flat iron. Beyond the job description of a flat iron, it sometimes curly hair better than a curling iron! Especially if you have shoulder length hair, I will show you how to curl shoulder length hair with a flat iron today.

In total, I will show you 3 curling styles that you can do with your shoulder length hair with a flat iron. Curl on a shoulder-length hair is so gorgeous and beautiful that everybody must notice you. All you have to do is to do the curl right.

Items Required To Curl Shoulder Length Hair with a Flat Iron

curly shoulder length hair

Yes, it requires some styling items to curl with a flat iron. Apart from the flat iron, gather the following items in one place:

  • Blow Dryer.
  • Heat Tamer.
  • Hair Spray.
  • Hair Clips.
  • Hair Brush.

If your flat iron is too old or you need to buy a new one, consider buying one from Infiniti Pro. You can read the Infiniti Pro flat iron reviews to learn more about them.

Big or Small Curls On Your Shoulder-Length Hair?

This is something you need to decide first. The bigger your flat iron is, your curl will be bigger as well. If you’re looking for small curls, get a small flat iron as well.

The Process of Curling Shoulder Length Hair

Curly shoulder length hair is an evergreen style. It’s always stylish in any season including in a humid area. It’s always popular irrespective of what time you are doing it. At the office, home, or while traveling, curl on a shoulder-length hair is always beautiful.

Let’s start the journey! Very first, wash your hair using shampoo and conditioner. Then blow dry your hair completely. You don’t want to use any hot ironing tools to wet hair. Keep blow drying until your hair is fully dry.

Assuming your hair is fully dry; now use the hairbrush to brush your hair so that your hair is totally detangled. Tangled hair will complicate the process. Now it’s time to turn on the flat iron and wait until it reaches out the desired heat level. Considering your hair type, set the right heat settings.

While waiting for the flat iron to reach out to the right temperature, section off your hair slowly as the preparation for the next process. Remember, smaller sections will give you tight curls and bigger sections will give your loose curls. Make up our mind first!

In this stage, you need to put the flat iron to the small section of the hair and clamp it on the hair. With a little twist around the hair, slowly drag the flat iron down. Then go for another small section of the hair.

So the main trick is clamp on your hair and twists it around. Continue doing this process until you finish curling all of your hair. You can spray some hairspray so that the curl lasts for a long time.

The above process will give you basic curls and if you want to add volume to your hair as well, instead of using any normal flat iron, use VOLOOM straightener to get the outstanding volume to your newly curled hair.

Warning: I should have mentioned this earlier in this article. Don’t forget to use any heat tamer before you use your flat iron to your hair. It will damage or worse burn your hair!

Other Curling Styles Possibilities

Instead of basic waves described above, you can have beachy waves on your shoulder length hair as well using the flat iron. To have the beachy waves, spray some hairspray first.

Make sections of about 1 inch thick and start bending it away with the flat iron from your face. Don’t try to curl all the way to the sections. Leave the last few inches of the section straight.

Pick the next sections but this time curl it the opposite direction from the previous section. This will give you to have the beautiful body and bouncy movement. Repeat the process until you end up curling all of your hair.

You can do the crimped curl with your flat iron as well. Yes, it is the hairstyle of the 90s, but with proper ways, you can make it looks like modern. Watch the video to learn how to make crimped curls using the flat iron.

Summing Up

No matter what curling style you like on your shoulder length hair, it will always look beautiful and make you look gorgeous as well. Curling shoulder length hair gives you the much-needed confidence also.

If you still have some confusion about the process described above, let me know in the comment box. I will be happy to answer your any query.

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