What happens if you never brush your hair regularly?


effect of not brushing your hair

One common question on online beauty forums is;”what happens if you never brush your hair”? That’s because there is a lot of discussion on whether using a hair brush or something like all-in-one Perfecter styler results in good or bad effects.

However, what you should keep in mind is that several things can happen if you fail to brush your hair, and not all of them are negative. Remember that as a woman, you may have curly or wavy hair, which means that you don’t want to mess it up.

On the other hand, you may be in the habit of brushing your hair on a regular basis, but you want to take a break. It means that you should prepare for the effects that come with your decision. Most women believe that they need to brush their hair 100 strokes a day or use a hair dryer often, which may result in you destroying your curls.

Keep in mind that brushing your hair too much may cause damage to it, for example, thinning, breaking or pulling out, which means that most women may decide to stop brushing theirs. You may be a long time hair straightener, but considering quitting brushing. This post gives you 7 possible scenarios that may happen.

You’ll Love Bedhead

Your hair may appear unpolished when you stop brushing it. However, remember that undone bedhead may impress you. It means that depending on your personality, quitting brushing your hair may make you look cool or not.

You May Clog Your Bathroom Drain

Strands come out of your hair when you loosen it and brush it. If you choose not to comb it, what will happen is that you’ll stop losing natural hair, which will result in it building up and coming out as you shower. Remember that in a day, you lose almost 100 strands of hair day. It means that you should consider using a hair straightener for the best outcome, that’s if you’re thinking about quitting the brush.

Your Hair May Develop Tangles

One possible side effect of stopping to use a hair brush is that your hair may develop knots and tangles, for instance, depending on your hair type. However, you may try to work them with your fingers in a gentle manner. Bear in mind that trying to tug these tangles using a brush may cause your hair to break.

 The Hair Will Increase In Volume

When brushing your hair, you remove air from it, which causes it to lie down. When you choose to stop using your comb, what happens is that it increases in volume. Depending on your favorite hairstyle, you may enjoy having voluminous hair.

Kinks May Appear

Another side effect of quitting brushing your hair is that it may start developing kinks. For instance, if you’re a straight-haired girl, you may need to use a comb it if you want to get rid of funny knots. They are a result of ponytails holders that you use during the day or nighttime. However, the best way to deal with kinks is to use a hair dryer.

Stopping Brushing Your Hair May Result In Oil Buildup

One factor that you should keep in mind is that brushing your hair helps you to distribute hair root oil. This oil is needed at your hair’s dry ends, meaning that you need regular brushing to assist in its distribution. Another effect of not brushing your hair is that it makes your roots to get greasier fast.

You’ll Start Using Your Hands More

You may think that you’re better off not using a brush. However, you’ll end up using your hands more. The advantage of using fingers is that they are smooth and gentle for styling, smoothing, spreading beauty products and removing tangles.

3 Tips for Taking Care of Your Hair

  • When brushing your hair, consider using a broad toothed comb and run it from your hair’s roots to its ends in a gentle manner, which will enable you to prevent breaking.
  • Wet hair is fragile and can easily break. It means that you should comb it with extreme care.
  • Avoid washing your hair each day. On the particular day that you do, ensure you apply the best conditioner on its ends.


Taking care of your hair should be faster and smooth using the above informative post. Make sure that you use the best hair brush, which will prevent instances of damage to the hair, for example, breaking. Most ladies like John Frieda hot airbrush and you are welcome to have it as well.

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