How to Brush Your Hair for Waves?


lady with curly hairMost women own a hairdryer but have never taken the trouble of learning the functions of the various parts that this precious tool has. Apart from the ordinary straightening of the hair, a hair dryer can brush your hair giving it the wavy style that you have always cherished.

In this article, we provide you with different ways through which you can make your hair wavy using the various parts of a hairdryer.

How to make your straight hair wavy

Before we can discuss any steps, it is important to note that you need a good quality hair dryer, to begin with. It should have all its parts (all are necessary) and it should be able to produce enough heat for the job. Regulating the heat and speed should also not be a problem.

Using braids and the nozzle

One way that you can make your straight hair wavy is by using the nozzle and the braids. The first step involves spraying your hair with a spray that will give your hair texture and volume. You can use John Frieda hot airbrush to get more volume!

This goes down to your personal preferences. After putting on a heat protector, use your fingers to lift your hair upwards while at the same time blow-drying your hair to that direction. After this, position your hair in a position that you are comfortable with, pick some of your hair on the top of your head and braid them.

Continue the process until you have all of your hair braided. Blow-dry your hair for about five minutes then remove the braids.

The last step is to remove the nozzle of your hairdryer and scrunch your hair for one last time. You can then apply hair serum of your choice.

Using a diffuser

If you have a naturally wavy hair, the diffuser is very important for you. This part of the hair dryer allows your hair to dry quickly while at the same type maintain their shape.

When using a diffuser, it is important to start by using your preferred smoothing product. This will help remove the frizz in your hair. Start by applying the smoothing product on your mid hair shaft as you proceed towards the ends.

Note that you are applying the smoothing product on towel-dried hair.

Using the diffuser attachment, hair dry your hair using the drier until the hair feels dry. While at it, move the dryer towards your head allowing your hair to scrunch on the diffuser. You should undertake this process repeatedly until satisfied with the results.

After the process, apply an anti-humidity spray of your choice. This will keep your hair smooth all day.

How to tame your curls

If you already have naturally curled and wavy hair, your biggest problem would be how to tame them. Fortunately, you can achieve that by using a hairbrush and the flat nozzle that serves as the straightener.

Like in the other procedure, you will need to apply a smoothing agent of your hair in order to keep the frizz away. The second step involves using the hairbrush and the flat nozzle to blow your hair until they feel smooth and curly.

When the hair starts to feel dry, use the brush to twist them depending on the style and position that you want the hair to shape. Repeat the process for your whole head until you attain uniformity.

Use your fingers to gently slope your hair by fluffing the roots while at the same time being careful not to destroy the curls.

While this process is not as hard, many people get it wrong mainly because they are in a hurry or do not use quality tools. Before beginning the process, you should ensure that you have all the products you need to avoid disappointments. Alternatively, you can use any all-in-one hair styling tool like Perfecter hair styler to have waves as well.


Whether you have a straight hair or a wavy one, you can brush them to your desired style. Several methods are available through which you can achieve this as we have discussed above, however, regardless of the method you choose, it is important to always have the products and tools that you will need before beginning the process. If you have a naturally wavy hair, you are lucky because your main task will be maintaining them but not struggling to roll them.


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