How To Clean a Hair Straightener?


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Women like to use different products on their hair. One of their favorite products is the straightening balm. Hair straighteners are designed to last long. So, it is important to always carry out maintenance to ensure they remain clean.

When you use a hair straightener, different chemicals tend to move to the heating compartment and in due time, the plates in the heating chamber become dirty and sticky: consequently, heating becomes uneven. To clean your hair straightener effectively, you need to master the cleaning process together with a few useful tips.

What Is a Hair Straightener?

The work of a hair straightener is to get rid of curls and waves from the air. The flat iron transfers heat to the plates, and when the plates are pressed against the hair, they change the structure. The new millennium came with new designs of the hairbrush, but hair straighteners have been in existence for centuries.

Hair straighteners comprise various materials designed for the heating plate. There are those that feature in-built plates, while others come with removable plates and heat protectant features for a broad range of style alternatives.

Tips for cleaning your hair straightener

It is imperative to keep your hair straightener clean at all times to ensure top-notch quality of your hair straightener. If you do not clean your flat iron, it will distribute heat unevenly, and this can easily damage your hair. It is advisable that you clean your straightener every time you use it.

Use a damp cloth when cleaning your machine, and do this while the straightener is warm. However, don’t just settle on this option, the machine needs to be thoroughly cleaned once every week.

Heat your hair straightener with the part that needs to be cleaned, switch it off and remove it from the power source. Put a clean cloth in rubbing alcohol and wipe off the buildup and grime slowly. To clean the crevices of the machine attachment, use cotton dipped in alcohol.

If the hair straightener contains tougher stains or spots, remove them with a toothpick. However, be careful not to damage the surface. Ceramic hair straighteners are ideal because they have stronger surfaces that can deal with a few abrasions. In this case, a steel wool pad on the plates will help get rid of tough grime. You should still do it gently so that you don’t scratch the surface.

Useful tips for cleaning your hair straightener

When your hair straightener is clean or you have a titanium coated flat iron, it glides through your hair easily. Plus, the heating will be even, each strand will be straightened accordingly. That is not all, you will also be confident that your hair is clean and looks incredible.

You need to remember that your hair straightener is an electronic device that features a cord. Therefore, you should never dip it in water. If the device is extremely hot that you cannot handle, leave it to cool down for some minutes.

During the clean process, the straightener has to be warm and not hot. Once you are done with cleaning your flat iron, you will most likely see some smoke, when you turn on the machine for the first time: here, the cleaner is only heating the surface. Leave the straightener to heat the cleaning solution for several minutes before you use it.

Avoid using household cleaning solutions on your hair straightener. If the rubbing alcohol is not as effective, you can purchase cleaning solutions that are made specifically to clean hair straighteners.

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