What is Keratin Hair Straightener?


The keratin straightener which is also known as Brazilian hair treatments is recently a quite common method of getting hair straightened and is currently used by a very considerable number of people. These keratin hair treatments are designed to fix damaged hair follicles and give you a smooth, silky hair texture.

This article will talk about Keratin and how it is used to straighten the hair as well as get other hair treatments done using any titanium made hair straightener or ceramic made.

What is Keratin?                                                       

Keratin is a protein which is naturally present in the hair, the skin and the nails of human beings and even lower animals. In other words, keratin is a very important ingredient in the building of the hair, the skin, and the nails. The kind of keratin which is present in the human hair is the alpha-keratin; one of the two types of keratin proteins. The other being beta-keratins.

Human hair is made up of about fourteen percent cysteine which is what proves the presence of keratin in the hair. With the amount of this protein contained in the hair, it is quite obvious how essential keratin is to the hair. The following will review a number of keratin-based products and how they have a relationship with your hair.

The keratin hair straightener

Keratin hair straightener is simply a keratin-based product which can be used in the process of straightening your hair. To straighten your hair with this, your hair stylist would simply use a keratin hair straightening product on your hair.

After this, he or she would use a flat iron to seal the product in by the help of the heat which flat irons produce. Having your hair as straight as you want would usually take about ninety minutes or some time more but it basically depends on the length of your hair.

The keratin hair dryer

As we have already noted, the keratin is a natural protein which the hair consists of. This protein is also made up of protein chains which are called polypeptide chains. These chains are kept in place with the help of hydrogen bonds which are responsible for the shape of your hair; whether it curly, straight or wavy.

Usually, when your hair has not been styled and is still in the natural state of it, it is called referred to as alpha keratin. Now, when you wash your hair, those hydrogen bonds earlier referred to break. However, they can be reformed and thus take on a new shape by blow drying.

This is the process where you change straight hair to curled hair, curled hair to straight hair or even frizzy hair to smooth hair. This stage of blow drying the hair is known as ‘beta keratin’.

The Keratin hairbrush  

Just like the keratin hair straightener and dryer above named, there is also a keratin hairbrush. This brush is usually a large brush which is curved and vented to allow for even and perfect airflow. This helps the process of blow drying by detangling the hair whether it is wet or dry. It can usually achieve this without pulling the hair and is great even for straightening or smoothing the hair.

Usually, the brush is used at the same time as the blow dryer is being used. While the blow dryer pours out air into the hair to enable drying, the brush combs out the hair detangling it and allowing for the blow dryer to penetrate the hair well.

The keratin hair shampoo

Keratin shampoo is a keratin-based hair shampoo which can build up the levels of protein on your hair. This build-up of protein would usually make a woman’s hair stronger, shinier and more beautiful. Even if your hair has suffered some sort of damage, using a keratin base shampoo is one great way to fix the damage.

Protein can be just as great to the hair as it can be to the entire body. You simply need to follow the directions on the keratin shampoo you buy to enable the shampoo work right for your hair. Bear it in mind that carrying the shampoo on your hair beyond the recommended period can cause your hair to become brittle and break.

This simply means that too much of the keratin protein on the hair can be just as damaging to the hair as not having enough of it.


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