What Is The Best Treatment For Hair Loss?


What Is The Best Treatment For Hair Loss

Hair loss is normal, but noticeable hair loss is depressing for both men and women. Most men take it easy, but a lot of women suffer a lot due to hair loss in silence. They take various steps and means to hide their thin hair. But the reality is as soon as you take preventive measures, the more it is better for your hair.

While boldness is more common to men, it is pretty rare in women. But women experience hair loss just like men. Only 45% of women will live their entire life with full hair. Female pattern hair loss happens with the advancement of ages. Hair loss will negatively impact your mind and create the psychological problem with social interactions.

Female pattern hair loss is gradual in manner.  Early treatment is always recommended to prevent it. In fact, if you take early treatment, your hair may grow as new as well. Before we go to the possible hair loss treatment, we need to understand why hair loss happens. This will help us to determine the hair loss treatment.

Reasons for Hair Loss

  • Problematic thyroid and imbalance hormone.
  • Mental and physical stress.
  • Any radiation therapy.
  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).
  • Childbirth.
  • Taking Birth Control Pill.
  • Crash Diets.
  • Wrong Hair Styling.

I believe you are familiar with most of the above-mentioned reasons. Even though, some points need explanation. So here are they:

Wrong Hair Styling: Even if you use the wrong hair styling tools like a flat iron or use the wrong temperature set up, it may gradually damage your hair. This will ultimately end up losing your hair.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome): This is a condition when the body of a woman produces male hormones. Such women suffer from facial hair and extra body hair. If there is thinning hair on the head, it can indicate PCOS as well. Such women also suffer from overweight, menstrual irregularities, depression, and infertility.

Birth Control Pill: If your family has a hair loss history and you take birth control pill regularly, you are more likely to experience thinning hair. Because the hormone that makes the birth control pill effective may also lead to hair thinning. Even if you suddenly stop using these pills, you may experience hair loss.

What Is The Best Treatment For Hair Loss?

There are several treatments for hair loss. Not every treatment will be suitable for everybody. Based on the problem you are facing, you need to take different treatment. That’s why I have mentioned some most common treatment for hair loss. And here they are:

Treatment with Medicine

For the female pattern hair loss, using the medicine is considered to be the best way to treat hair loss. Here are some common forms of treatment with medicine:

  • Minoxidil: The generic name for this medicine is called Rogaine. It was introduced to treat the high blood pressure. But people who took it noticed that their hair is growing back. Several researches have confirmed that a 2% solution of that medicine apply to the scalp of the head helps to grow hair. FDA has approved this medicine for treating women hair loss as well.
  • Anti-Androgens: Anti-androgens like spironolactone & finasteride usually not recommended to treat female hair loss treatment. However, some studies suggest that women don’t get benefitted from Minoxidil, may get benefit from using the spironolactone.
  • Iron Supplement: Yes, iron deficiency in the women body may lead to hair loss. But that does not mean taking iron supplement will help to stop female hair loss. Yes, if you are suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding, or have a history of anemia – your doctor may recommend you some iron supplement, but don’t expect it will do any good for your hair.

Styling Hair the Right Way

In addition to the genetic reasons, hair loss may happen due to the wrong or repeated hair styling with heated instruments. Several hairstyles require different drying of your hair. Sometimes, you may need air dry only and if you use your hair dryer to make the drying time short, it may damage your hair. Use the instrument the right way and protect your hair.

Hair Transplantation

Since 1950, hair transplantation is getting popularity day by day. After successful hair transplantation, normally hair grows naturally. Talk to your doctor about hair transplantation first and listen to his advice.

Laser Treatment

This is a great alternative to medical treatment and hair transplantation. Laser therapy may help to re-grow hair and you can do it at your home or your doctor’s office. In a study, it is revealed that laser therapy work for almost 50% men age over 40 and 75% women over the age of 65.

Summing Up

Women hair loss is more common now than the past. If you are suffering from it as well, you should immediately talk to your dermatologist. This article is just an information source on women hair loss and possible treatment. Before you decide to follow the advice mentioned above from it, talk to your doctor first.

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