How Much It Cost To Straighten Hair Permanently?


There are thousands, and I mean thousands, of young ladies and women all of the world who long for having straight and frizz-free locks. Believe me, I was one of them in my younger days ( I think I went through at least a couple of flat irons during my middle school years!).

Luckily, as the years have come and gone, many more techniques and tricks of the trade have come along to help make straightening your hair super easy. But what is the difference between temporary straightening with appliances and permanently straightening your hair? Are you really saving yourself money each year by opting for the permanent route?

We are going to answer these questions and find the real answer to your hair straightening issues. Let’s begin with some of the temporary straightening techniques:

Using a Hair Straightener

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Probably the most well known and popular solution for young ladies wanting to straighten their hair is to buy and use a flat iron/hair straightener. Over the years, the technology has become more advanced, so the appliances range in different materials.

Your basic flat iron can usually run from about $40 and up, but as you go toward the ceramic flat irons, prices can excel into the hundreds. Depending on how often it’s used and how well you maintain it, your flat iron can last for years before needing replacement. If that is the case, a one time purchase of $150 for a high-quality hair straightener can be an excellent route to go.

Using a Hair Dryer

Straightening your hair with a hairdryer, or blowing it out, as they call it at the salon, can be quite a tedious task to accomplish yourself. However, if you have the right technique, the results can be amazing. Just a precaution, before using any heating tool, you should always use a quality heat protectant spray.

The price may also be greater as well, as you will need to pay for the dryer itself, along with a round bristle brush, and a couple of straightening products to help hold your hair in place. Blow dryers tend to be a little more expensive than flat irons, depending on materials once again, and depending on how often they are used, they may have to be replaced a little more often.

This can up your price to hundreds of dollars as well, since hair care products have to be bought usually every few months.

Using a Hair Brush

Remember how I said earlier that technology is becoming super advanced? Well, I wasn’t joking. They have now combined a brush with the power of a straightener, making it beyond easy to straighten your hair just by brushing through it.

You can also find them for reasonable prices at some retailers, where some of them only cost about $30 to $40. When considering how difficult it can be to straighten your hair with so many tools at one time, this appliance makes it look like a piece of cake, and is curly haired women are loving that, right? (Hand raised here!)

Permanent Straightening

We have gotten to the heart of the question: how much does it cost to straighten your hair permanently? So, here’s the answer; Having it done at a salon, depending on where you go, can range anywhere from $150 all the way up to $1000 (yikes).

The other issue with that is that, yes, it is permanent for a period of time, but once your roots begin to grow back out, so does your hair you had before. This means that if you want to continue with the permanent straightening, you will more than likely have to continue to have it done at the salon every few months, which can definitely rack up quite a few bills. With that said, it does last longer than what any of the temporary solutions can do.

So what is my final opinion (again, just an opinion)? Honestly, you really can’t go wrong with any of the options. Depending on how much your salon charges, you could be ended paying the same price you would for a really nice flat iron or blow dryer; You would just end up with longer results like I said before.

So, if you have the money to have it professionally straightened, why not take advantage of it? It’s always nice to feel pampered and ready to show off your beautiful hair to the world. You also can’t go wrong with taking charge of your own straightening with your appliances at home. It’s up to you and what you think is best for your hair and your wallet!

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