How to curl bangs with wand?


The beauty of a woman is in her hair. For us women whose hair is very long or of medium size, curls is something that we hold dear. However, the way the curls are made determines the final outcome of our beauty. People have been using curling irons for many years now and it is a very popular possession in most girls and women’s households.

However, these curling equipment have been evolving and designers have been coming up with many new versions of these tools. In this article, we will be looking at the curling wand, to let you know what this is and how you can efficiently use this tool to easily work on your hairstyle. Read on and get enlightened.

What is a curling wand?

A curling wand is the next big thing in the curling industry. Basically, this is a curling iron that does not have a clamp. For some of us who have been using the normal curling iron to design our hairs, then we will need some readjustments when it comes to hair curling. It can be difficult at first, but with time, you get to know how to best use this tool, to even come up with more fascinating curls than before.

Below is a step by step guide on how to efficiently use this tool. As I have mentioned above, the beauty of this curling tool lies in knowing how to best use it. It is time for us women to shine!

curly hair

Step one- Wear the special glove: The curling wands come equipped with protective special gloves that you should always wear before working on your hair. This is to protect you from accidents since your fingers might come into contact with the barrel. However, with experience, you should be able to do without using these gloves.

Step two– Select the first hair strand: After wearing the gloves, it is time to choose the hair strand you want to work on first. For better results, always ensure that the hair strand is around one inch thick. Dealing with thicker strands is not easy and may not result in bouncy curls.

Step three– Direct your curling wand: When working on your hair, it is important that you try and ensure that the curling wand is pointing to your shoulder. Thereafter, you can start wrapping your hair. Make sure that you start from your hair base, moving on the tip.

Step four– Ensure that your hair does not overstay on the wand: This tool works really fast. It is therefore very important that you ensure that you don’t overdo by allowing the wand to stay on your hair for too long. Normally, five seconds should be an ideal duration.

Step five– Repeat the procedure: After working on the first strand and getting the desired results, you should repeat the above procedure on all your hair. Work on a single strand at a time until you are done.

Tips on how best to flat iron your hair  

  • Clean– Ensure that you have cleaned your hair before flat ironing it. It is not advisable to subject heat on your dirty hair.
  • Condition– Before flat ironing your hair, it is important that you ensure that your hair is moisturized and conditioned. This will ensure minimal damage on your hair.
  • No oil– Do not oil your hair if you have plans of flat ironing it some minutes later. This might interfere with that desired bouncy look that you want to achieve. You can always oil your hair after this process.
  • Dry hair– Ensure that your hair is dry before flat ironing it. This is done so as to prevent frizzing up.

Heat Protectant

When working on your hair, it is very important that you ensure that a heat protectant is available in each section of your hair. Heat protectant is used to ensure that your hair is not subjected to too much heat which may lead to damage or accidents. However, it is worth to note that, although the heat protectant might help, it is not a hundred percent secure and therefore, you should never use excessive heat or temperatures.

Does using a curling wand pay?

A curling wand is a very effective tool when it comes to a woman’s hair and beauty. It is efficient, easy to use and yields desirable results. It is a tool I would fully recommend to my fellow women as it works, giving your hair a beautiful and an attractive look. Here is a video tutorial for you.

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