How to curl your hair with a curling wand?


hair curling with wand

There are several ways when it comes to learning how you can curl your hair. Back in the old days, women used to have plastic hair curlers which they used to make curls on their hair. At that time, the plastic hair curlers were seen to be the perfect means of getting curls done, and amazingly enough was that the curls used to come out in such a perfect manner.

But at the beginning of the 90s, technology had advanced quite a great deal, and there was the introduction of curling irons on the market.

What is the difference between a curling iron and curling wand?

Both tend to look alike but definitely, there are some differences. For instance, though they do the same type of work, the curling wand is the latest technology as compared to the curling iron, meaning that it does the curling process in a spectacular way.

Apart from the curling that it does on your hair, it is also able to create a wavy natural look on you, not forgetting the ringlets pieced waves that gives you the perfect blend. This is one of the reasons as to why most women praise it and will always be a must find equipment in a salon.

Moreover, unlike the curling iron, you will find yourself trying to straighten out the creases that are inevitable because of the clasp on the flat iron, followed by curling them, which is not good at all. But with a curling wand, you don’t have to worry about such creases.

A curling wand is more flexible in terms of carrying it around your hair, and it creates a natural texture and a more relaxed hair. It takes some practice to curl your hair using it, but once you’re used to how is feels you are definitely going to love it.

The process of curling your hair with a curling wand 

The word on heat

Every wand has a different heat protectant setting, so whenever you want to heat up the wand, ensure that the temperature is medium so that it does not damage your hair. However, some hairs might require a little, hotter wands than others, but it is suggested you just set it like your other heat tools. Always be careful not to burn your fingers because curling wands require you to use your fingers to wrap your hair around the tool. Take the necessary precautions! Although once you become used to it becomes easier to use it. Below are the simple 5 rules on how you can be a master with the curling wand.

  • The prep: The prep curling is a little different according to everyone’s hair. Like for example, curling your hair might work better on the second day than the freshly washed hair, whereas for others it is best to wash first before the wand usage. Whichever way, just get rid of the tangles to make sure the hair will be easily separated. You can use the heat resistant spray to protect your hair from heat.
  • Section off your hair: It is a great way of ensuring that your hair is curled properly. It can be so annoying that once you’re out the door only to realize that you have missed a piece. The hot tools flipperless curling wand is the best the best wand to use when sectioning your hair. It takes your hair from ear to ear and gives you the opportunity to work with the bottom section first.
  • Wrap it: Now this is the fun part and the most important section. Make sure you hold the curling wand facing downwards and take your hair and wrap it around the wand without overlapping it. [About one or two-inch hair section] depending on the larger curls you want, you can just wrap larger and looser waves of your hair, same as tight curls, only wrap smaller sections. For a beach wave look, use the curling wand in the middle of your hair and wrap it a couple of times and leave an inch on the ends. Hold it the release after some few seconds.
  • On to the next: You can repeat step three once you have finished curling the first section and releasing it from the top of your head. Curl it away from your face to open up your look. [Curling it on a clockwise direction, left and right]
  • Finishing touches: You can run your fingers through your hair and finish off with Dove Style Care spray to give you that natural and flexible look. Follow these five curling wand steps and you will be the wand curling master with the best hair curls.
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