How To Get Beach Waves With a Curling Wand?


For us ladies, getting the right type of hair design is a necessity. No single woman who does not like it when her friends and family keep on complimenting them on their hair design. Straightening hair with a straightener is all-time favorite.

But one of the most popular thing that women prefer especially during summer is getting some perfect beach waves on their heads. Beach waves offer perfect curls that are loose and free, giving you the desired freedom of your hair.

As desirable as it might be, most people find it hard to achieve the desired results when working on these beach waves. In this article, I will be sharing some tips with my fellow ladies on how to best work on their hair, achieving the best beach waves results. Read on and gather very crucial information that you have been missing all through!

Start with the right cut

beach waves hair style

What most people don’t know is that the type of cut that they have goes a long way in determining the type of curl that you get. I have found out that, asking your hair operator to be strategic when cutting long layers on your face, adding only some subtle layers on the back part of your hair.

This adds up the volume of the back hair which results in fine, desirable final results.

Use of a hair protector

What most women don’t understand is that applying a heat protector is not optional but a necessity. It doesn’t matter the type of coating that you have applied on your curling iron or flat iron, you must apply a hair protector to protect your hair from damage or accidents.

Have the right curling wand

Using the right curling wand is mandatory for any desirable results. Different curling wands will work differently on different types of hair and so, it is very important that you understand the right tool for your hair before embarking on this beach waves operation. Get great and sexy beach waves by using just the right tool for your type of hair.

Use a flat iron later

Most ladies have developed a habit whereby they start to straighten their hairs using a flat iron. This they hope will give their hair a natural, beautiful and a smooth appearance. Whereas this might work to some extents, I have found out that, using a flat iron first to straighten your hair tends to not only make it difficult to curl your hair but also takes away high volumes of your hair. I would advise that you finish off the drying process by using a large and a round brush. This gives your hair the desirable smooth look and also gives it enough volume for fantastic beach waves.

Work on sections of your hair

To get the best beach waves, I would advise that you start by dividing your hair into around three sections. You should then start the curling process, starting with the bottom section going up.While doing this, make sure that you have applied your heat protector on each layer of your hair. For curls to hold, it is advisable that you use some hair spray on your hair.

Alternate directions

For a natural look, it is important that you use alternate directions when curling your hair. I would advise that you start by curling your hair, starting with your front sections, away from the face. After this, you should use an alternate direction for each subsequent layer. Usually, curling of one-inch sections work for me but it would differ depending on an individual’s desire for tight or loose curls.

Go up to the scalp

Most women tend to only work on the ends of their hairs while curling. While it might have worked before, research shows that people who go on curling until they reach the scalp always get better results. This is the case because your curls will tend to loosen after sometimes. Starting with a tighter curl promises durability and your beach waves are able to withstand the test of some time.

Those are some of the techniques that you should use when getting beach waves with a curling. Always take your time, understand your hair type and then pick up the best strategies and tools.

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