How to make rosin with a hair straightener?


I was so excited when I discovered how easily you could make rosin using a hair straightener. We all know its benefits and you simply use a tool you already have at home. As women, we really need to start doing a few things by ourselves and saving money.

Instead of buying rosin, wouldn’t it be economical if we just made it ourselves and the best part is the fact that it is purer than the ones at various dispensaries? You will be able to make it in minutes and there is no danger at all, it is completely safe. All over the country, this easily crafted, flavorful and potent product is being stocked in dispensaries.

Requirements To Make Rosin

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Hair straightener

Don’t use one with a high-temperature setting, it should be 300 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Too much temperature and you will lose valuable terpenes due to evaporation. You can go for any titanium iron or ceramic one. 

Material to start with

This can be a variety of either bubble hash, kier, or cannabis flowers.

Parchment paper

You should ensure it is unbleached for best results. It doesn’t have to be unbleached but it is recommended.

Collection tool

You just need to be creative although dabber tools generally work well.

Heat resistant gloves

This is recommended due to safety, it is important to stay safe. Although you are used to working with the hair straightener, I don’t want you burning yourself considering how our hands are a great part of our beauty. Also, don’t forget to spray heat tamer before using any heating tool.

You now have all the required materials, you can easily start making rosin at home following the simple steps below.

  1. The first step is to cut your parchment paper to a small size of about 4×4. You then need to fold it in half and place your material in between the paper. You know need to press it softly with your fingers, do not use excessive force.
  2. Now you need to turn on the hair straightener. This is a very important step and you should ensure it is about 250 to 300 Fahrenheit. Like I said earlier, the temperature is key, and getting it right will give you a more pure product that is clear.
  3. Now you need to carefully line your hair straightener with the buds that are inside your parchment paper. You need to apply for about 3 to 6 seconds a very firm amount of pressure, and remove once you hear a sizzle. This sizzle sound is an indication that resin from the plant material has melted. Do not, however, apply pressure for more than 10 seconds, you probably may not have heard the sizzling sound.
  4. You now need to remove the sample and unfold your piece of parchment paper. Grab the collection tool that you have and pluck away the flattened nug. Take your time and be very careful because this is a very sticky process. During this stage you need to be keen and never rush it, you want to have a high-quality product with no impurities. If you are making large batches, then you need to use different parchment papers but ensure you collect all your samples together once you are done.
  5. Most people consider this to be an optional step but I think it is quite critical. You want a pure product so you need to remove any and all visible material. Use a clean tool when removing this pieces of plants, you don’t want to end up contaminating your product. You now have your finished product, fold it between a clean sheet of parchment paper and flatten it slowly to your taste and preference. Most of the time you may need a stable product to work with, to get this just place the finished product on a cold surface and wait for a few seconds.


Making rosin at home is so simple and you should definitely always do it yourself. Try it today and save a whole lot of money, and it is always nice to use a product you made yourself. There is a great feeling of satisfaction and you are mostly proud of yourself when you make rosin. If you follow the steps above carefully then you will come out with a very good product at the end.

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