How to Style Naturally Curly African American Hair? [With Video Tutorial]


african american hair

By nature, African American hair is dry and brittle. That troubles a lot of African American women across the U.S.A. But you can completely take care of it. You need to take gentle care of your hair and moisturize at a regular interval.

You do so, and you will have beautiful black hair. Today, I am gonna share a small step by step guidelines on how to style naturally curly African American hair.

Get Argan Oil Enriched Heat Tamer

Before I talk about it, I need to make something clear first. Washing your hair too often using ANY type of shampoo or conditioner is NOT good at all. Your hair will lose moisture and you will end up having brittle and dry hair.

So what should you do?

To do any sort of hair styling for which your hair will be exposed to heat, you must wash your hair using conditioner. Now, hair expert recommends washing your hair only once in a 2 week period.

About washing your hair using shampoo – you should use argan oil enriched shampoo to wash your hair.


Styling your hair requires using the hairbrush or flat iron. They can produce heat up to 450 degrees. That’s really hot for your African American hair and you can end up burning your hair badly. You don’t want this to happen.

Argan oil enriched heat protectant can save your hair against such heat. Most argan oils enriched heat tamer have leave-in conditioner, so you won’t need any extra conditioner.  Don’t forget to use such heat tamer from the reputed brand like HSI or TRESMMe.

Once you are done with washing our hair, it’s time to blow dry.

Blow dry Without Frizz

After washing your hair and before the blow drying, there are some things that you need to follow. Never rub the towel against your African American hair. It will make your hair frizzier and damage your hair in the long run.

So what should you do?

For your hair type, towels made of microfiber will be a great solution. Instead of rubbing, gently pat the hair with the microfiber made towel to stop the dripping.

Before applying the blow dryer, you need to detangle your hair first. You can use your fingers or wide tooth comb to detangle them. Make small sections and comb these sections to detangle your hair. After detangling done for all of your hair, it’s time for the blow drying.

African American hair requires more heat. For that, you need a blow dryer that can heat up to at least 450 degrees. Something like Elchim Hairdryers. Recently I have published an extensive review of Elchim hair dryers.  If you think you need to change your hair dryer, consider having any Elchim blow dryers.

There are some comb attachments for the blow dryer available. Using such attachments will let you detangle and blow dry your hair simultaneously. Watch the video to learn how to detangle natural African American hair.

Start with low heat setting and then gradually go for the high heat setting. You can select the highest airflow setting from the very first. Blow drying alone should give you frizz free beautiful hair. But never blow dry your hair without using any heat protectant.

After blow-drying your hair, you can either brush your hair using any high-quality hairbrush or you can straighten your hair using any flatiron. In all the cases, you must use heat tamer.

Now let’s talk about how to use a flatiron on your African American hair.

Get the Flatiron

Straightening curly natural African American hair also requires a quality and powerful flat iron. High-quality ceramic iron is always recommended.

First, moisturize your hair spraying the heat protectant. From the back of your hair and slowly moving forward, make small sections. Then use the flatiron to these sections. I am assuming you have adjustable heat settings on your flat iron. You should first try with the medium heat setting and see the results and move forward it deems necessary.

The end result will be awesome.

I hope you love this step by step guide to styling your natural curly African American hair. If you still need to know anything more, let me know in the comment box. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and families. I will appreciate it too much!

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